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  • 00:00: Hello and today we We show you how cook blackcurrant in meringue it can be both independent dessert is beautiful decoration for your desserts twice dessert He said, First of all we We need to prepare through currant puree for this for this frees me to blackcurrant the microwave can be also when both boil a skillet on the stove and now about the bee and blender and now berries that we held in a blender you need to make of it
  • 00:30: mashed passed through Sieve add here sugar and send to we need the binding so that the sugar is completely I melted like Only at times is now all you can immediately take feast we have boiled remove it from the stove and We put in the refrigerator it should be fully totally cool 1 cooled see what it in thick and there is no I
  • 01:00: now it is a little trial and then I will add here a protein and probe has to splendor slightly to that it simply became homogeneous because she covered with a film I pour all here protein and whip up already all splendor look puree ready it is magnificent standing that's simply elegant
  • 01:31: Now cook the sugar syrup of granulated sugar fill with water mix well a little bit and put on fire and we need syrup dogret heat up temperature 100 17 degree and now trickle introduce syrup mix all meringue is ready see what's it fits like like marshmallow consistency and now it turns out fill our pastry bags I I want to show you
  • 02:04: with three options nozzles so fill strap Melinda us It turned out as you can see
  • 02:34: they can decorate any dessert plate or both and apply independent meal they will dry are such fun I have delicious I made with black currant you can do absolutely any berries or fruit in the same system with the same number ingredients As always all we will describe down in general they great try necessarily the case do you often ask about What I'm packing I use and about bears Bears I absolutely normal there
  • 03:04: a pair of cotton and all other disposable they are without firms without names not some are steep normal also nozzle buy everywhere all that I like All I need It happens and howled and Tomsk tips but they unjustifiably expensive and they analogs can always find Ali Express for a penny shorter back you better just buy china that's all until