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  • 00:00: dandelion or books little yellow doctor dandelion It contains gold stock of the most useful table of elements Mendeleev sodium potassium, manganese, magnesium, aluminum and iron calcium and copper vitamins c and f and groups b for a long time dandelion entrenched status elixir of life having soothing choleretic and
  • 00:30: diuretic and sweatshop anti-inflammatory and tonic healing actions properties have all part of dandelion roots and leaves, and flowers its roots contain natural substitute or starch and sugar as a dietary great product digested with diabetes disease renal cholic and bladder dandelion prints from toxins and stimulate activity Cardiovascular lifting systems tone it increases dandelion mood
  • 01:00: rich antioxidants Keep away from diabetes and cancer, he positive effect on water-salt metabolism accelerates restoration processes after stroke in folk medicine use extracts infusions and extracts from dandelion roots when different diseases spleen and pancreatic and thyroid gland increased acidity inflammation lymph nodes constipation and abrasions solar eruptions flower warns
  • 01:31: obesity cirrhosis destroys stones gallbladder and cleans ducts treats gastritis and liver beriberi and improves appetite and digestion contraindications dandelion virtually no there are only two contraindications it individual intolerance and tendency to diarrhea dandelion can be use any age it really the elixir of life, he It has a strong positive impact on the the liver and the liver directly responsible for
  • 02:01: kidney condition brain heart lymphatic system and hormonal system Powder of the roots dandelion It heals wounds and Jody ulcer decoction of flowers used insomnia and hypertension high the amount of magnesium It heals the heart and nerves improves hemoglobin in the blood in France, Austria and Holland and Germany India, Japan and the US dandelions bred on special French plantation use them to medicinal salads
  • 02:31: jam young leaves yellowish healers have almost no bitterness of them make salads and sauces dandelion juice used as most biologically active substance liver purification for normalization function and bile production and thereby recovered liver cells dandelion juice feeds moisturizes bleaches and rejuvenates the skin remove dead cells and makes the skin flexible and
  • 03:01: dandelions are folk remedy to remove blackheads freckles and age spots squeezed juice leaf gently lubricate freckles 2-3 times a day 5 4 5 times day before noticeable blanching at daily and regular Used dandelions improves complexion clears skin disappear acne and pimples boils for nursing mothers juice dandelion most effective assistant in unless and lactation even the price of treated
  • 03:31: latex heart kidney swelling recommended when venous edema stagnation in Russia in the old dandelion saved Northerners and evaluation jaundice infusion of dandelion you can wean yourself from habit of drinking coffee dig roots dandelion dried them oven to Brown color that they become hard and brittle lightly fry them to appear spicy taste like the taste of coffee further grind
  • 04:01: roots powder spoon the resulting powder fill boiling water and give brew if all well done the resulting beverage by the color will be very like coffee and according taste it is similar to Chicory a drink has also heals as the effect of the spring and only seem earth young leaves begin cook healing for this salad on net clearing or at his dacha collect several leaves goutweed sorrel nettle burdock and of course
  • 04:32: Dandelion whole green my squeeze and cut into very small salad with wish to add fresh tomato cuke Refill vegetable oil or sour cream cashew nut spread in bowl decorate dandelion flowers they too edible turns from yummy continuous vitamins minerals and Solar energy in its consumption adjusted work intestine and liver normal kidney cholesterol and blood sugar
  • 05:02: It purifies the blood salad of dandelion leaves useful in anemia vascular diseases and skin diseases in the days when you do not want Lettuce can tinker just eat 2-3 stalk or GIS. dandelion juice is an excellent means fill spring but a lack of vitamins to use him can only freshly previously all collected leaves immersed in cold water for one-half hours and then squeeze the juice with help
  • 05:33: juicer or grinder take 1 tablespoon together carrot cucumber or tomato juice and can be diluted with warm water in a proportion of one to one and a drink in the morning on an empty stomach green cocktail with take dandelion March 2 fruit e.g. apple orange banana cut into pieces Put in a blender add three leaf and flower dandelion you can take more another vegetable garden greenery for example nettle mint melissa plantain
  • 06:04: It is also very good turnip and carrot beets pour 1 cup or someone a glass of water as you like and chop it all in blender until the feast and reverse state It is obtained from Decree duvan check and very useful for intestinal tissue preserved tea Dandelion flowers and leaves brewed as tea at the rate of 1 tablespoon flowers and crushed leaves 1 cup boiling water drink a glass of the morning and in the evening small sips a tea
  • 06:35: time This tuberculosis miscarriages jaundice hemorrhoids and hypertension insomnia oil root tincture dandelion good for the treatment means burns for its preparation 200-gram jar fill up to half crushed plant roots and then pour the brim vegetable oil cold-pressed press 1 month Thank you for Attention write your Insert comments evaluation subscribe to channel all you
  • 07:05: be good healthy