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  • 00:00: [Music] hey guys I'm Nick and on this episode of the scram line I'm going to show you guys how to make these cherry cherry boom boom cupcakes now the names of these cupcakes comes from a lady Gaga song and you guys know I'm obsessive Lady Gaga and beyoncé so basically the inspirations to these cupcakes was that I wanted them to be really really red so they're very red they've got the red cake red frosting and the cherry ah but I wanted I found it a challenge to
  • 00:31: actually make a cupcake the cherry cupcake that has a very strong cherry flavor so what I've done is I've put some cherry liqueur in the cake and the frosting which is optional you don't have to but it does help get that cherry flavor in there I've also got some cherry pie filling in the center as well so just peaking before we get stuck in today's my competition ends on the 15th so if you haven't entered yet get baking make something lovely for Mother's Day
  • 01:02: for your mum and enter the competition all of the details are on my website the screen muncom let's get stuck into these these are the ingredients you need to make them okay guys so I actually forgot to show the ingredients so we're going to just go through them as we go through the recipe so you want to pop your flour sugar baking powder and salt into a bowl mix that you can do this by hand as well using a sift mix that until it's well combined then you can add your softened butter mix that until you reach a crumbly sound
  • 01:33: like texture into a large jug we're going to add some milk eggs oil vanilla extract some cherry liqueur which is optional Greek yogurt which helps our cupcakes stay moist we're going to whispers up add our wet to our dry ingredients in a slow and steady stream once you have it all in there you want to add your red fruit though now to get these nice and red you will need to add a bit of fruit oil it's going to be about six drops now you want to scrape
  • 02:03: down the bowl just to make sure you get the bits at the bottom that had mixed in to mix in properly and also to help things combined and color evenly then we're going to mix for a final 20 seconds now I'm lining my cupcake tin with some cupcake liners I'm going to fill these up about 3/4 of the way we're going to bake them for 25 to 30 minutes and then transfer them to a cooling rack now let's move on to making that cherry pie filling so we're going to add our sugar corn flour or cornstarch salt to a
  • 02:33: medium-sized saucepan give it a bit of a mix and then you're going to put the heat on add your cherry so I'm using canned cherries I'm going to add the juice in there as well we're going to mix this until it thickens it should take about eight minutes now you want to set that aside and let it cool down completely cover it with some plastic wrap as well to some buttercream frosting I'm going to add some red and purple foods oil a little bit more cherry with you again this is optional
  • 03:03: and you want to mix that until it's really well combined I'm going to call the center of my cupcakes which bakes beautifully by the way we're going to fill it with that cool down cherry pie filling I'm using a Wilton one in tip to frost my cupcake in a swirl then we're going to finish things off with a maraschino cherry on top and guys that's pretty much it okay guys so dough's with my territory boom boom cupcakes I hope you enjoyed watching this video if you did make sure you hit the like button and you're going
  • 03:34: to find the recipe for this on my website if you want to make them if you haven't subscribed make sure you hit the subscribe button I upload two new videos a week to you guys thanks so much for watching I'll see you all on the next episode of the Scrambler