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  • 00:00: but now we proceed to I will open at once I will tell share target threads thread direction is indicated on the pattern on the back as determine the share thread direction share thread on back is coming parallel to the average section of the belt is I will completely crochet out not elastic fabric why because elastic fabric requires special
  • 00:31: special calculations of a strap elastic extends that is bad will keep chest cup also for big size Vlasic for details stretched out significantly and very well-fit models on a large scale they are from inelastic or very slightly stretching example fabrics it will sit well cotton cloth or
  • 01:02: here are products made from Here is such a cloth on the grid holds well she is very weak you can even say not at all there is a percentage here extensibility is there but yet here I see all straps but it's me about centimeter departs on centimeter stretches out here on this big site is good feature is like this
  • 01:33: cotton backrests in the fact that with unaccustomed maybe you will not very convenient in this products but here we have will be technological such a move that we have gum stitching Here on this cut slightly with pull the backrest for so that it can be was breathing conveniently Well, I'm making out now a cup with mine all-knitted
  • 02:04: Halter with allowances on seams in all sections 7 millimeters remember what's on
  • 02:50: details are already cutting here from the end of the tuck to the real end tuck one and half centimeter then we are in this place we will finish line a
  • 03:21: here in this place in end of the strap I will grant an allowance of one and a half centimeter to be it is convenient to sew the end
  • 03:52: gum and now I cut out the back on medium to just in case I will give allowance for seam or in general here in it place for the best fitting can we measure the product to how will buckle
  • 04:23: you can leave it here such a good one allowance straight centimeters 10 for not to prick this place but to tie it in lower cut 7 millimeters here in This place can be you can make a seam I will not do do in this place the seam is therefore cut out here I will set this goal on the back and there where
  • 04:53: I will be middle seam I will middle section of the back rather, I put on cut to have me the landmark is this place will not be yet clip it over this one a cut in this high backrest allowance is not necessary and notching
  • 05:36: by upper cut Also not here notching is dangerous because this place is us though there is no danger it will close buckle short literally two millimeter to the notch I will put this cut without allowance and along the upper cut 7 millimeters on a cut
  • 06:06: grinding in a cup also 7 millimeters give so here are these details
  • 06:38: while cleaning in side for medium your average the details we will win so here we are better strengthen this seam so you edge and and this detail in double size just as well here bend it will be lining and the main
  • 07:08: one admission allowance for seam is given for all sections not here therefore means too yours seam allowance that we will process it decorative rubber and the lower section
  • 07:42: front of the belt It is figured we such an output belt is more convenient so well why did we find everything details from this pink fabric now we will cut foam rubber q our take our linen on
  • 08:29: roll need these here details reshoot allowances for seams on foam rubber foam details must be seam only stitching into a cup Here on this seam and here on this seam is here we will grind foam rubber parts in the joint here with us there will be an edge
  • 08:59: colored here in prime to us to bend when processing You have to be because we both bend this place is a cloth and rubber so the share thread on foam rubber like that I am passing one piece lateral
  • 10:28: there is here we have pattern to me allowance for seam was it remains in this site here
  • 11:00: allowance is not therefore can be here and so the joint distribute pattern that's all now to
  • 11:58: then do not mix it up these as their Stitch because you can still make a mistake before we turn them over try not to change do not turn over here so here on a pattern and all let it lie before moment of grinding well what on this cutting finished