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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I want a little bit share this evolution I used props for doors during installation When you cut the locks and loops Unfortunately there the first model in which I did I no but she successfully
  • 00:30: I gave it works using companion and two pieces photos by me there I will make after which I did 4 here such here too little having not worked so many orders
  • 01:02: Children orders Compared with the first why they twice They take up less space It does not take but already they go to past because uncomfortable one size 2 which forties hits old they are speak here
  • 01:32: problematic a heater that I not to beat off I have scratched quietly why fall off because Then Peter 1 sorting completion there for who them like this I enclose savored What do you quietly and cleave I tear off in general it has long been thought to make good paw for door who
  • 02:03: someone who subcortex who legs in different ways not that important thing meaning functionality and I a long time ago from when you for a long time more than a year back saw one master online step can not remember exactly but probably a reference to the description for someone I wonder ssylochku I give it to me liked
  • 02:34: design its backwater Ciccone well this imperative same size but I made a little bit of another is in this place it here they loop fold like this Now that is half when folded and immediately so that's how often do not say so stick out the same only develops stick
  • 03:04: These God why there is a loop for which is well in the first place the essence of this construction, This backup is there and clamping loop there to like this here design He played and he there I mediators understand what that metal plate which is inserted
  • 03:34: He plays the role of the spring when the door is not necessary to backup it so here it is metal plate glad live sandals otherwise almost too most everything there is one part she fixed The second part moving here yet only today
  • 04:04: literally have to do will be shortened canary unscrews before ordering when begin to work expose the floor 2 and width and clamped and all you have to all doors backup works took the door and I stood and squeezed
  • 04:35: He lifted it It weakened as I I did what he did well, Nakama try show closer here It is of course I have a piece of wood him He gave the board twice twice as wide
  • 05:06: He dismissed me so was the material who found it backwater points that are the feet it sold corners in the fixture stores self-tapping screws and clear thing here on reverse side here Here you can see I are milled Five cutter with the reverse side
  • 05:36: cutter was not I only remember 14 or 16 to have been recessed cap bolts and instead I goyim I bought the lambs part in this case me left secured tightly here tamarins here screws and still here not visible on the plate
  • 06:08: still only softwood attached it's part of me clear how the mobile it is based on two little corner this part of the self-tapping screws goes from right to left for through the groove it moved here it as the dam is why I I did not need to do somehow that's not only new designs a bit off I liked that It has a loop that's but here is how superfluous
  • 06:38: bumpiness I thought I for a long time thought Well that is come up to avoid this loop and to design here and so I played and let's say I invented elementary bought hacksaw on wood I will put the photo knife Bulgarian I let go
  • 07:14: on a stick no money Drill khalil screwed and have after screwed I'm a little bit straight here the only way to a little bit I had to bend Well construction this kind of every note on the now It is functioning properly
  • 07:45: First here is that I the first case I did This here is my the first was but I do not would spin alter on the rest I did four pieces 2 here you you can see the game on the door now in We held today tests were successfully the rest I miter this one
  • 08:17: a half angle degrees a little I squinted to this place it where even little tighter held the door so as not to interfere on that as I unscrewed straight do not close I did hope it does not hurt structure at least hold fast to the nose Basically, all with her husband
  • 08:48: I'm stuck here took countries the right to Lundy there naborchiki I would like of course something solid Well here stick I find something for hand turned up Glue until then let it be on the may be forever here will remain in operation will not It will not interfere when door set is not something and there for so can
  • 09:18: be changed in So here this design turned I have spent on it in cash equivalent rubles to 700 on all these bolts clips saw little corners bought 280 rubles for most cheap there I do not remember which is domestically Basically all things as
  • 09:49: all installers know necessary and useful in Here I I think that my modified for then another human idea and modified, I believe what happened nice if someone also interesting that some such things deal I enjoy think It will be useful each hold place a bit and
  • 10:19: as I want to do even when things 4 there are big orders There are places where hotel doors 89 true substitute sweet deal and start cut it loops and everything else and so here to work with an on povsednevku to carry things too, April 2 It never hurts
  • 10:49: but in principle all advance to forgive all thank you bye there is more in the video, I they would have a couple of moments and photos all thanks to goodbye regulates pretty just relax back and forth on the other
  • 11:19: one example power all visible and all sizes, and that's all the door of the tank in the kitchen door from and to baked one of the city as
  • 11:49: Typically however, confident Now is ready insert it is not necessary to enclose cartons to take the money conveniently but again it's half.
  • 12:42: podstavochki stops and lift weakening fill up and go down squeezes tight 9 Well, in general New York what result all advantages of size
  • 13:13: ball side hatch RUR forum yokohama there is simply finally it allows people do not glomerales angle vertical they do not break not just a look it dies
  • 13:45: returns to the scene if such a situation such should be durable well what same time