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  • 00:00: start forecast for May '17 first few Words of April as we expected in April It turned out to be generous with unpleasant events May be this sense easier some April sense completed long series voltage but do not think that this us forever at least in May much but calmer but like would fundamentally Event does not occur Venus does not change sign and while Mars in Aries too, does not change sign
  • 00:31: A remarkable event will take place in May I say about him and so the actual now for forecast beginning the first three days of the month mercury still in retrograde actually there holidays compared to some cases and Shopping in Russia great do not accounts but there are who live abroad bear to even to 4 and think before May 5, after the fifth of May is already it makes sense to start Activity related Mercury that is, purchase negotiations new cases
  • 01:02: company registration top new activity Mercurian type or just business activity it is good to start wherein the total number 5 Mercury first he It is in the mind and, therefore, at first until he It is equally possible just return the things you did before He went retrograde that is, at the end of February beginning of March and the things that happened
  • 01:32: special retrograde and how Just then, you can in the first place faced with the refusal and agreement changing conditions you will be found out that some situations you expect that will go well otherwise it is up to the 16th the number until it is He's full of sweeps the piece which passed retrograde expect that now is time is a new information that which would repeal the It was at the end drops Now it is up to 16th after 16th is also the all-clear he goes forward stroke
  • 02:02: a bull is very good period for practical specific practical activities also subject such practical purchase good to do after 16 May whatever I wonder at the period when Mercury is a compound with Uranium that is first half of the month they do a good speak Saturn ie buy electronics at this time, you can even ranging from 5 to 15, very not bad but buying dear beautiful
  • 02:33: things this month at least in the beginning months is not very well because Venus against Jupiter is that the road can not be very good early May Mercury is not yet enters cells and 16 of it goes compound with uranium it is the connection to the uranium it is very interesting between mercury and Uranium two planets mental for people intellectual stock intellectual activities that perfect for period work for our
  • 03:03: What is new projects for discussions for discussions for brainstorming when you have to decide some problem collective individually here it's time to work in the first half months for people less inclined intellectual activity especially for emotional people This period Th tense because that information Mercury word wounds dramatically increases sensitivity the nervous system so people restless nerve here especially worry
  • 03:33: this period and people emotionally I want to say to traffic is also turbulent period spoiled machinery broken computer whipped electronics and mass such fine car trouble acting up with regard to emotional atmosphere I He said in addition to the fact that Mercury 1 fruits but months of the compound Venus all uranium this time gently It is on the catch and During May not sign changes so
  • 04:04: feeling I am active as a gift said excited impulsive the only party Mars twins Mars twins before you do it think a little so I said, lethargy effects tend to question type do not do it good in this case it will soften Venusian a pulse fluctuating Mars apple ease pressure and an interesting month
  • 04:34: day, I want to note May 7 is the moon growing yet she conjunct Jupiter than in a very beautiful position, they together form as if arrowhead astrologers such configuration It called basket or bucket and that's all it is at the bottom of the planet pens connected to the handle Here here grandpa the handle is connected in us and Peter
  • 05:04: But for the people bear and far plans for those who want to start some work very long-term view I recommend to sow May 7 seed can be enter into any agreement to discuss and least some symbolic action but it would be good interesting something else will happen in this month interesting happen so very kind of event nodes lunar nodes changes sign
  • 05:35: descending node enters the gap Aquarius ascendant It comes naturally a virgin in a lion nodes are they are slow on each sign about one and a half years in this case it varies as like some theme main theme course at the time she each of the developing in their own way but immediately gives color this period the next six and the next year's year and a half the position Aquarius Aquarius to collective interaction of the reef a manifestation of
  • 06:05: individuality manifestation of self and both with signs Aquarius is freedom external freedom lion This inner lion is a manifestation of himself such as you are natural free expression the human personality most often the problem looks like this that people actively increasing creative pair more actively Express yourself lower hold collective if interaction there is an internal
  • 06:35: need to go his path is not afraid to try alienated from the movement and go their own by it's very important for people I want creative talk about accidents a little this month still calm than the previous one but shortly before Full Moon intensified accident rate intensified the voltage therefore be careful aircraft and road elucidation of seed
  • 07:05: our strongly to do in Health markedly improved The situation for people with and raise with increased intracranial pressure in people with cardiovascular it does not, and other less Hazard background yet is just period of the new moon to They are not good but danger significantly less It is easier than previous month It marked the end of a month
  • 07:35: opposition Mars and Saturn so I recommend to not next month sort things out all heads