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15 kg tomato from a bush. Disembarkation in seedling soil on Organic and Mineral fertilizer.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello friends, we are pleased to welcome you to channel smart economy today this momentous for our day experiment finally warmer warmed up our experiment we continued today will planting tomatoes declared to be 15 kilograms of tomatoes bush in the open priming partially open all yet we've got there Greenhouse we now we will cover yes yes that is, they live are still in sheltered ground but it will be improvised greenhouse covered
  • 00:30: agrovoloknom just Take the most primitive plank which will simply be covered for some time to God forbid, do not hit frozen right I understand of course still have mid-May we risk there is frost therefore it is better to hide good, then ok tell me It means the scheme is our disembarkation Sprouts should we see that the bed we Oleg 70 centimeters width this is such a Statement double mitlaydera Su and I bed because
  • 01:00: that this Metroid slavish bed to centimeters 40 the width of the well, it is too a good option initially we talking about what We will plant tomatoes scheme meter on But look at this flower bed, I still I have decided that in the open ground will enough to fertile ground Supply area of ​​70 to 70 it is also quite so here are a lot will our flesh food's square and in the middle of this square, we will put our abrasion from one to another bush, we will also
  • 01:31: 70 centimeters so we we see, respectively, the next hole we cook here bed with us zamulchirovat it saturated well made bed for Oleg white soil it is generally ideal option and shelter thick layer of grass four centimeters it will be good keep you especially when drip irrigation so the first hole We do here volume about 78 liters even even sure we
  • 02:03: to put organic fertilizer and a hole better do not circle a little bit of longitudinal It has so much here I am so come on here here and so extend it otseda we have all the depth of the bright not enough can a little bit more before we sypem here in organics stage we have forgotten said brine inorganic mineral mineral still going sprinkle proteins post well as on do you think it is in any justified
  • 02:34: because it was in first time dressings and black not interfere with tomatoes that will be conducted intensive and mineral water use exclusively mineral water as a It suggests Dr. broom or a use combination organic and mineral fertilizer so for main application we add compost here with tomato we will be intense and java we have a fairly so big add compost already some good
  • 03:04: rotted compost add a little local soil to mix our roots are not contact Now take neatly vodichku and fill the hole water is necessary to water quite a bit of that is, it is generally this and that he almost brought to its top and in this
  • 03:34: yet calmed down I dig the following do we need to soil charge Vagai But when she and then absorbed we will act further considering that this we those tomatoes that be reached mineral water we are not here pour their bio voice liquid nothing we do request we will be planted Pot seedlings it It should be no problem settle down and without root Ira well so fertilizer bed already charged
  • 04:04: a look here we Pomidorka in pot something Pomidorka pink top pot we bodyform a great transport pot both from the double-sided remove it right here seedlings so here we about twisted to root ball we I moved away from the walls pot and so here we carefully holding hand extract to anyone We did not fall apart here we have not collapsed Super, we can see Here closeup koreshochki that both
  • 04:36: Just fill us the entire pot actually it normal root system if we root system here such a stretch okay settle down, we see we seedlings a little bit He reached on a leaf just remove all too much so we it a little bit of depth Here we see that here here we have to plant produces rudiments additional roots tomatoes well form adventitious September roots so we will That's how we arrange
  • 05:06: out a little bit about and here and here and so we shall lay a little sides Sprouts have He reached Oleg a little bad work lights so seedlings a little stretched and fill it with a mixture of local soil if compost little falls
  • 05:38: grass from under the mulch it is also not terribly highly desirable leave irrigation hole and to achieve close contact soil with the plant we what we do, we take a river and polem her a second time So when we We water the plants It is not highly desirable so that water gets the elevator so we Pour about a
  • 06:09: root so here we are completed and we are now gently return to place our mulch mulch is generally very good thing for tomato because in this case from the soil almost do not fly spray or spread pathogens blight drip tape if someone heads up if
  • 06:39: drip tape take she put over torture add in looking for something whereas for Duster upstairs we raise drip tape spiked and mulch put her back that is we had a source for it was sort of pink top and So we dug second pit distance our native tomatoes 70 will go hand centimeters we actually we are promised add here the hole Competition bed very there are many fertile compost soup is not
  • 07:09: but it is necessary if we hole in the ordinary mail or we just We begin to cultivate land is worth dig a hole here such as volume bucket and all its actually fill a compost a little on cycles earth to the roots not contact first period because if we add to if we plant a plant in clean the compost It can be a little bit burn the roots or a little than we do anyway
  • 07:41: Now we do not need We fill our hole water and give it soak once again shows how right to remove tomatoes from the pot this we have there from Athens macrocarpa pink is very yielding tomato's so twisted op Here's how the hand Practicing like this take out seeing that have sprouted roots the entire root ball is yet do not push or most interlaced then and that we should put right in the muck of
  • 08:13: it will give us opportunity to achieve sealing contact with the resulting compost we here already added so now you can So we neatly dosyplyu beds of soil here So be careful not to
  • 08:44: damage Yes, I certainly do not like stem tomatoes called trunks and so here and knead Now you can mulch return to the place Only now we are still polem so little we see that one tomato we a bucket of water takes it quite a lot but but in the next a few days and even
  • 09:14: under the mulch definitely not will have to be watered for 5 Well look excellent listening properly understand may nutshell Thai yes then what is it will we lead tomato stem 3 well, properly see how they will be well form can be three can be 4:03 It is the minimum for of tomato smaller meaning not just this to get as more yield when
  • 09:44: to understand them, we specially planted on a fairly the general scheme we see that people usually planting tomatoes significantly more likely to significantly thick so we will to generate their fill volume the beds we just it do here has when in a nutshell yet we say here at planting only add the vermicompost a little bit and nothing fertilize yes it is bed is already filled fertilizer has
  • 10:14: fertilizing we will conduct intensive mineral water that As for organic tomato correctly understand that the scheme exactly the same but in So basically the Here we take a look Now we disembark Pot seedlings in than its main advantage we do not damage the root system Basically if you take seedling tomato open back, we We see that is lost but actually It lost one-third the root system root hairs the most subtle and delicate
  • 10:44: koreshochki at digging a seedlings are lost until tomatoes well grow a root system they can form adventitious roots of side of the stem with lateral roots but the adventitious or much less is better which fall garden the soil with intact roots in a case, she immediately begins to increase it He does not notice grafting and transplantation for it is only impetus for a breakthrough in it does not rise
  • 11:14: wilt not sick and always great seedlings taking root in pots is just more time-consuming cultivation method but it wholly survival and so we are here today finished landing tomato here now recall that this 15 kilo of tomatoes bush's experiment left of Vladimir Kiryushi this bed with organic tomatoes and the right to mineral's seeth through Ten here we start
  • 11:44: this whole thing to fertilize and processing of any pests it means feeding tomatoes begin when they take root that is, if we We see the point growth we have the throne We began to appear new leaves means it's time to start feed up the first feeding It can be carried out under the root and then root and run foliar we combine this also applies to organic and mineral plant I see that Basically we
  • 12:14: plant transplanted to good that we Rivers is enough qualitatively planted they led We do not lose turgor turgor this tone Now we see leaves a little lost turgor is the most first planted plant 1 but I think that it is still going to evening so that it quite scary immediately after landing highly desirable pritenit tomatoes then they will fall less on less sunlight lose moisture and easier take root if there is no
  • 12:44: opportunity to put tomatoes in our cloudy weather then we tighten them like this fiber we now but the way we stretch forgot to say that this is a miracle design will be all the evening stretched agrovoloknom but the is today May 5 and it is clear that more can be frozen therefore we will close agrovoloknom 60 grams box is here for example in a shopping it is summer house there is a color you not necessarily dark It keeps well freezing minus 4
  • 13:15: minus 5 to minus 6 ie degrees It can be safely on bed and of course well thank you They were with us stay with us subscribe to Like channel Insert all necessary seeds fertilizer all for planting and Remedies plants can from the vending house until summer