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  • 00:00: Today prepare to pollock. Fire him. I was already prepared for the previously - sliced pieces. Pieces of salted pollock. Shredded stood slightly impregnated with salt Now we will lay them on the pan. Before it's all done inI already warmed up oil on skovorode.Teper will dip chips pollock flour spread on pan. In a preheatedpan with hot oil.
  • 00:31: So lay out each piece of pollock. Strong together pieces of pollack is not pressed,
  • 01:01: that they do not stick together. and cover pollack cover. And the roast pollack. Now one side of the pieces of pollack fry and we will overturn them neatly. Now we will fry the second side of pollock.
  • 01:46: So, our fried pollack ready. All pollack we overcook. All he is golden, Crunchy, delicious. Enjoy your meal!