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  • 00:00: today I want to make a small overview of our magazines I thought I can constantly show you page our magazines, and here I am He pulled out their journals its such a huge the amount we we Then you show it all stacks are large quantities and I think too show this topic I have appeared in the head complicate our wardrobe and if more shorter and designate it is called red herring What means red herring
  • 00:31: but it means something to our clothes were not Here is such a simple something as simple as a bag potato and we It is all in the mind at I mean what we are us God created here I am on my mind but should such moments include our wardrobe Well that little bit so to distract from problem areas and draw attention to something else so our theme today red herring show you different our model in different magazine ah you something then will revise something watching something take
  • 01:01: for yourself what I'm doing to you has left on such simple simple things and create something for a more sophisticated the more highly many problem I always figure answer combined and complete and we you first start steps to do this Now direction I will show you some magazines models and picked something to tell Of course I am very much what you want show me huge opportunities show but I want to show clearly Some models will
  • 01:32: and you show them narrate clothing sets Here, for example, see But on this set look here wide pants so they wide trousers blouse with long long cuffs under falling on the handle and like this from the bow to top dress sundress which also It serves as a multifunctional dress because I think that it can be wear in different variations if you Here is a the dress you will wear it not only with a bow slacks and
  • 02:03: something else Well look at that here looks very advantageously here is a slightly to a not so robe 100 and slightly wide High cut But from the hip pinafore bottom see finish decoration due Iron's this Now finish this section Now these cuff cove Now this bow here that's unobtrusive cells look What our kit it turns out that's a and under such difficult
  • 02:33: set very a lot can be hidden all our shortcomings a little tummy if there is please he immediately bow concealed a little full Handle them here cuffs are covered a little thick games are here closed down little pear here here at free will do everything well that is here this kit is here just really want so many of us We made to say this dress is not even must-have base system ten yardsticks and it can be I gave very much like digging
  • 03:03: without patterns topic pink robe that Please have in who do not have here a Dress cut and sew and and sewing easy and it please you Here is a dress and cape sundress You can throw on many kits who is not afraid of bright things here please this girl can brighter to do here it is important to say to you all about this here set it is interesting trousers shirt an elongated jacket tunic and vest but not so simple
  • 03:33: this life look vest back but short shirt how long it dress looks it is very flared on and wide rear portion Now this shirt but front end long vest Here's the place troubled underbelly extensive indoor and soy all we need hide here so we we can do red herring is such zhiletochka but with such a long period very very beautiful ordinary shirt but just Hatchback cut and here and so
  • 04:03: painted painted flared elongated please from behind you develop this shirt come here so extended it zhiletochka to wine any form which you pleases all just giving you how idea go ahead Look what it means combined and complete our dress color with low-cut dress designated Here's a plain Here piping strip foot black sleeves bar but here
  • 04:34: interesting here for here on sewn sides and angles are here which flared here's hanging then give it flared It will while walking will develop and create seems too distracting it from wide hips or little there problem areas top legs here please such here too note very pleased that If you are not here this all show more something interesting than we are considering each day you acting confused hip here
  • 05:04: increased top games Please here are Now the dress tails We sewed herself and walk HIV do we really elegant figure look normal the most common, as it were dress we wore yes here a little bit on shoulders added other color clip we were with you which is very important too here another color but 1st class one leg dress like this all of a sudden shortened time there went some corners and Rusk deprivation and so etc., etc.
  • 05:34: please look how interesting you go around you already movement of the fabric here it's not so striking it all the nuances of our Th there we need to hide it a very good red herring could have done so here is a set of and then being here is dress with open foot can wear on our narrow trousers arms and pants on small tight skirt and so on can be already complete go further with this thing We look at here is dress watch what
  • 06:05: slozhnosochinennoe dress Now look at it close only the top white material something It is probably viscose or cotton in black lace sleeve in a sleeve black lace flirt with lace cut and so easy here yes see to it our as a piece of scarf beige lace here red flirt on a red white lace back here really I want to We noticed this dress she dress robe on
  • 06:36: most of the bullets here at buttons are like dressing gown fastens the top bottom, but of course it do not look to the coat one hand 1 flirt with another the other side one arm of one decor the other hand other decoration from the hips with one side narrow red on the other band side wide with red stripe white lace with black ribbon with large beige I want to insert Here you have embodied this way and something might like nothing to do here No complicated except as it is necessary to make a little patience
  • 07:06: a little bit of patience and a dress from the hips wide to the axis here is still slightly wider to make free tyunka no one knows how to have your stomach what you hip where you there knees which are very nice very nice varied here please look here attention black dress grandfather green to him and yellow shoes quite permissible see a dress from here it down Green selection Tekke black collar raketochka with lace
  • 07:36: But with one hand one side to the other hand green and yoke here it zelenenkaja here the narrow green band is wide green band here this whole schedule here this diversity it would be the luxurious distractions the time of payment is very hard to see which in fact we figure These two dresses Just past here highly recommend Remember though something should be out of it try to do an exact copy, and to millimeter
  • 08:07: but at least consider to the idea of ​​pay pay attention at I did not lace cut sewn here it is cut sewn anything there no special look like beautifully chic here these last two dress showed you a class of long a dress shirt and the region dress shirt look what it can beauty also be used as multifunctional dress pants beat bryuchi on small Dress jersey top plowing wear here look at the bottom of it you are welcome
  • 08:37: ordinary planochka on small buttoned small small stands sleeve wrap and below such rough all please highly gorgeous dress shirt is such a shirt also raise but it can be a lot of things hide look here trousers in a wide strip I wrapped like this a little to the bottom of it very cool long jacket coat very apparently it's easy cotton with cuffs with collar strip
  • 09:08: situating across it is important that's never the same Whales do not sew and stripes along the pants and can be expected must not there little blouse zhiletik pay attention to all variegated scarf which are under the vest peeping between this vest long scarf black But with such here huge brushes here and do not see the hand as the diverse and hearken and do realize how much here we diversions just elegantly simple gorgeous here in this
  • 09:38: a very good can come and coat separately use and trousers separately use it shirt has a label use with a skirt any color wide or striped or any and scarf please look like elegant need create here such Now more and more complex options coat vest absolutely years This performance is fit and full shape and thin figure and absolutely everything fits here such a thing here particularly interesting
  • 10:08: look at these large dark Pockets are ourselves Steel do not we We have come up with so look here Here she gave long performance and here on the sides any such silk pleated but you can insert pleating do just sew something but is lighter look at the actually it is the same model that only here long look much attention attention to themselves attract pockets so they are great and dark on light
  • 10:39: note collar as Attention is drawn to Statement this one collar learn make clothes more much more detailed that's the same in zhiletik in another embodiment, bright, striped please tight Cotton Exchange slightly Venka and here such zhiletik coat for the summer, we very chic very useful many times rescue note cropped trousers trousers petite
  • 11:09: knitted blouse but wearing the top cape of three fabrics here this One half of the tissue This half of the two I have this tissue showed that got combine please, and that's So you see how well by draw that thing attention to themselves and divert attention from problems with our figure look here here are cool things I really like why I recommend I decided to make review today journals and topic
  • 11:40: feint and because not each course such magazines which we there is am are something that can show you interesting and therefore I all call again and again have to move away from simple things here such as the simple bags and make yourself something more interesting email if you were interested please contact us still make a lot of Video lecture on review even magazines if you go let's fabric store and saw these magazines but I could look through
  • 12:10: chose how would those model I wanted to draw your attention so consider very I will delight someone something for yourself will make all It was good with you we Paukštė Irina M. I Stream Alexey