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  • 00:00: Good day dear my subscribers channel and guests I keep the topic manufacture of handicrafts to testify to the house of empty unnecessary used plastic bottles plastic 6 cylinders per liter from the water what can be done, I already shown in previous commercials how to make hemp flower beds to meat
  • 00:30: six liter cylinders higher below it all have me on the channel you You can see this This time I decided to to make a bed for colors exactly the same like hemp, I do not know I framed it I still think I have mean look but I and I decided to I became a little wider this do here in this case I
  • 01:01: used 4 cut lengthwise plastic bottles can be used assume June 2 liter They wider cylinder just in diameter would that I had done, I He took an ordinary bucket I did not spoil his not I cut one it still come in handy just cut along the 6 liter bottles height bedplate and cutting cutting off the neck I have them well, as if hugged bucket
  • 01:33: Now these bottles and cemented on the outside side adhesive tape here here they are in my wrapped with tape then slowly I I began pulling off this bucket to keep in shape the bottle and the inside just as well inside they have me wrapped tape to behold these kranchiki here bottle to the edge
  • 02:03: they have me no matter how curled because bottle she twisted so just as well inside I wrapped them with tape what I got So I rented a bucket [music] I clean the bucket and, behold, I stayed here a form billet a horror flower flowerbed as a framework here I will continue
  • 02:34: shot when I already outside draw inside of me do not care I have here wrapped with tape and it simply to keep this shape when we fill the earth here this button future Plot all times but pret shall we say and do Now this form is not go anywhere just now She has such a kind I have left give just outside finishing of cement Well then here is how
  • 03:05: cement weight or from plaster to external works and then painted not painted I will continue to have all next video but now I just to show you how I I made here in this form I will repeat here 4 the usual bottle liter from under Pepsi cola up and down as you wish You can do so here such uneven here it can be flip since
  • 03:35: I want more I invite you will look like look longer finishing work for the Now that the basics of plastic bottles and it will be our next to a flower bed garden about the soul of shooting as the four two-liter bottles of Coca-Cola I continue to do just such a garden flowerbed the country found here
  • 04:06: a piece of wire is not and wire mesh because here we Line 4 of the bottle with what made, I decided that in order to kept lining cement you need to give some base that's just it the foundation is our here this net metal I simply wrapped
  • 04:37: around the base Curved here proving see yes bit then went respectively downwards and I tucked far under the lower edge of the quite enough to keep cement lining so if it's here you depart I just take it here so fingers and where
  • 05:07: it is free and and I tighten exactly all it is quite enough to have to put our cement plaster and we will another wonderful flowerbed Flower on here is a cottage after I on cement-sand
  • 05:40: sand mixture of my look she got in This time is not bad right now see what to get water diluted and applied this mixture I broke up the mixture here such consistency Now she is not there liquid and not thick and just you
  • 06:10: pilots holding here I chat to rubbing nanoshu starting from the bottom and then I even a little dry and already I start the upper part execute cement weight like this we are closing
  • 06:40: All our flower bed this is the first rough I finished layer Now I leave little it then I will dry up apply a second layer Our bed in the garden another sohla
  • 07:10: about two days in water that's it's in this video is dried matter a form that is there are no pieces missed most important that it gained strength and Now we are much it is easier to take transpose I want to move draw your attention to a a very important point, and I myself did not learn this but you just forgot Keep this in mind necessarily put some a cardboard box under the it that ye may
  • 07:41: it was removed and rearrange if this you have the need here at I was like I was very hard rearrange wet cement's not keep in shape so better something strong cast the flower bed, I decided to This time, do not stump but such stones just to stick which again I usually spread cement slightly moistened dry already withered
  • 08:11: Here the cement weight because wet wet sets and It held up better than dry and normally I take spar and lay down promazyvat below give mind and the second layer and It is then like these stones I look like then can get It is still somehow more
  • 08:41: convex do you but not in the form it is necessary to Now to another It was more robust in I have this bed but to him nike dunk ass then when we can in any time your forms such want Now since you
  • 09:11: cement enough Liquid I have and he did not just soup hands here and so throw stick and then I see also Well, it turns out effect as though our the club will be composed of of the stones until it dirty work rubber and so then Of course all this will draw
  • 09:42: adjust embroider somewhere seams stones when slightly it has taken us We will send the seams between stones like this until These are the things simple and see how I get it here flowerbed Fomina not
  • 10:12: I bought it easier held in comb allegedly inflicted bark tree and here I I decided to make the camera like that so see what I get the result I see with you Of course you can
  • 10:42: Apply once very thick layer and then I have to do this here sample embroider you but I somehow decided that it will be too heavy so I easier to do so here see what we succeed the horse does not turn off So I daubed the
  • 11:14: the head of which I want to to do as well as the to collect stones how much I enough cement house all it ended so I was not able to make finished all round then yes cube but completed this aside here a little bit longer for grabbed cement that I'm pleased that took It was at hand the rear side of the knife I was a little walk seams deepen as it stones do more
  • 11:48: such as relief I have falls as cement more liquid but also to live I like working here well down the case and lubricate here I gather like this knife and a bottom I base it at me this even as a knife spatula it turns out not so
  • 12:20: I align when a ground part and do more honda stable here it is necessary to carefully dozhimat because so as not to fall off
  • 12:51: Stone allegedly stone The more the curve It will do this Now all these naturally and more beautiful Well in this spirit I leave what I I could do but then dry up
  • 13:21: continue the other side pebbles still moving so it is it's all so neatly My notion not know but what happens
  • 13:51: I think that would be interesting me even round not to do align them let will not be like pixelated in fact all