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Design of nails Frei Willa (Frey Wille Nails) - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: mix colors with Whether using those business but also to the mixer Other colors little like stay May 9 Peul 4 when no more get a taste
  • 00:30: bright light blue 129 blue 24 If you do not have this it turns blue this light it can be beautiful do the lighter also 24, added We have basically 58 he saturated slope can be transparent
  • 01:02: easy if you there are 58 and more only the fourth It turns 4 for a person and 33 only 33 you You stand a better pink we have basically light you can even green lighter made that he is in mineski we beautiful should be softer
  • 01:33: there is now left very fashionable the colors of which it is prevented zelenka look website design with casting will square up to also will do from
  • 02:10: simply draw cubes to color to me he is optimal range weight version of the leg
  • 02:40: drawing for the version and and so can well, almost fill us
  • 03:13: empty place bag just have because everything will be we all look fill dried for 30 good shoot artificial layer side rollers way
  • 03:44: 4 undertake personal and draws between cubes all that all 4 me better freak bounces in who already like gets the number 1 if you do have
  • 04:30: We are decorating showed so Now they use mobido prices because some turned thicker line ugly It happened in principle black it
  • 05:00: it looks interesting but dry one mine will be golden I will not say the opponent does not understand look problem
  • 05:31: I see now take a brush that We filled it up yes yes yes just take you can not we basically do not hard course be twice shot
  • 06:05: dispersion layer its cries began again desirable topom cover the girls twice because creature hectares may wash necessarily twice
  • 06:35: Well