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Knitting of slippers hook. House socklets with braids. Knitting for beginners \/ crochet slippers  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day my dear fans crochet in this video we analyze with you knitting process crochet these simple you and at the same time the original home Sledkov with a scythe for knitting Data I Sledkov
  • 00:31: I am using yarn alize lanagold 100 is a wool mixture grams per 240 meters I use the hook number three and a half performing knitting hook of home Sledkov with the most Be sure to class to this video write comments subscribe to my channel if it is not signed and not to miss New video tutorials and Now we take the hook yarn and start We take yarn do sliding loop
  • 01:02: loop unfold knitting 1 series is performed in the loop I grab the thread Air fulfilling 3 loop 1 2 3 3 Air loops act as one column with one sc later in the beginning of each row it will be repeated I'm not going to sound then perform 11 columns with one
  • 01:32: sc provyazyvaem sc provyazyvaem column 1 We carry out nakida We pull the thread loop through two loops provyazyvaem sc through two loops provyazyvaem column and repeating a total of 11 columns with one sc performing knitting 1
  • 02:03: number of moving loop tighten and knitting We connected in a circle in the third Air loop insert grab hook thread series connected knitting 2 rows 3 air hinges for the next column perform knitting 2 column one sc one ground so he
  • 02:33: a column for it 2 perform column with one sc 1 and is the base 2 for the next column We carry out relief column one sc perform sc and grab itself through a column column stretch working thread and also
  • 03:03: provyazyvaem two sc loop in two loop pile for himself the next column 2 perform column with one sc 1 and is the base 2 is then perform knitting three column one sc 1 2
  • 03:40: here are three repeat 2 column one sc one base 1 relief column so grab this column and then 2 column one sc one ground How to perform here the completion of 2 rows whether to perform two more column one
  • 04:11: sc 1 for the next 2 knitting 2 rows of the same connect two or three times in the third Air loop insert grab hook a thread coupling loop crochet 3 rows of 3 Air loop 1 2 3 further carry 1 column one nakida here
  • 04:41: repeat as carried out in previous row 2 column one sc one base 1 in the same base 2 further embossed with a column one sc provyazyvaem sc provyazyvaem column then also
  • 05:13: symmetrically 2 perform column with one with a single sc ground We continue to carry out 5 columns with one nakida January 2 3 4
  • 05:45: 5 then have a look here It has been seen relief column for He also raised column relative relief column here with two columns one with a single sc base and then relief column and also two bars with one with a single sc and base completion of the series here look run 1 2 3 column one sc in each of the these columns
  • 06:16: 4 rows of knitting 3 air hinges recovery further with two columns a January 2 nakida here It has been seen relief column about relief column before him perform 2 column one sc one base then embossed with a column
  • 06:48: one sc after relief columns perform 2 column one sc one ground We will carry out further knitting patterns see this hand raised bar seen to it should be performed 2
  • 07:18: column one sc one ground therebetween I have obtained here are 7 columns with one middle sc I will not be a central provyazyvat the first three and over the next three we from the central will perform knitting and how we We perform here central 4 following can Mark for it now will perform knitting I do and two sc
  • 07:49: I am doing relief column for the marked column I pull the thread through two provyazyvayu 1 loop sc through two loops provyazyvaem 2 nakida column two sc sc for 2 the next column We perform just as well embossed with a column two sc February 2
  • 08:19: sc for the next column perform just as two loops through the two loops and the column is now We execute the first 3 just only see 2 sc first picks 1 so picks
  • 08:52: pull the thread through two loops in two loop pile 2 nakida then picks up the next second So he pull provyazyvaem 1 thread sc sc 2 column 2 sc and execute 3 embossed column 1 2 3
  • 09:22: and now see that we get further 2 perform column with one with a single sc base 1 relief column after he and two column one sc one and a number of base 4 dovyazyvaem until the end knitting 5 series
  • 09:59: Air fulfilling 3 further lifting loop 3 column one sc in each previous column series 1 2 3 in the fifth row I More doing addition and a column that is doing here is also 2 column one sc one
  • 10:29: ground further carry 1 relief column here they can see them well after relief bar as well as two column one sc one base 1 in the same base 2 further 1 column one sc and see Here we center 6 carry relief columns with one
  • 11:00: sc in each and in turn, perform 1 sc swoop the next second here he then the second 3 be sure to watch attentively to no extra not to pick up the threads
  • 11:31: second and third already then turns 4 for the next the next 5 6 and that's how we pattern then turns
  • 12:02: 1 to carry out a column one sc this I have a number of more performed addition to relief after relief and knitting 5 series concludes further repeat knitting series 4 and 5 need times when this further I adding here about relief column before and after not doing I have raised column with 3 column and then one sc
  • 12:33: pattern on the central 6 columns with sc perform knitting Further look like I did it again two three four times I I complied with columns two sc then relief I have here a number of completed worker thread and I stretch and cut off further sure to take
  • 13:03: markers and mark embossed with columns both sides are are working thread it clings to the middle and turns I fix here worker thread middle thread recorded Air fulfilling 3 loops rise further see perform knitting facial series
  • 13:33: perform three relief column with one sc 1 2 further 3 then 3 column one nakida simple not one relief raised sure where We noted here soles of knitting columns with one nakida then here
  • 14:03: embossed with 3 column 3 and one sc embossed with columns one sc performing knitting facial series see backing number 3 air loop lifting knitting then unwrap 3 perform relief column for relief previous columns a number while we have them seize now with other hand, if bottom we had
  • 14:36: these protruding bars concave and vice versa columns with one 2 and 3 nakida We pull the thread as provyazyvaem sc provyazyvaem column then in my case here with three columns one sc February 3, and see what
  • 15:08: we are set marker necessarily we celebrated with you relief columns who are with the two parties in Knitting can series their transfer to your convenience, and also here we perform 1 column with a concave and then one sc we continue knitting hereinafter in the middle of the usual bars where then
  • 15:38: marker should also a concave one column 3 simple column and 3 column with concave and one sc such series we continue knitting continue to fulfill knitting these series try on connect and watch how many rows you still you need to knit see below face folded inwards and
  • 16:08: this seam perform connection ie loops pierce We put together add up carefully and carry puncture in the hook worker thread stretch and coupling loop coupling loop so fulfill the seam all the way up end-to-completion
  • 16:38: here through the loop working thread as stretch her cut off and therefore You can also this thread additionally fix and shorter departure and that's the cream ready after did one couple knit second knit happy and certainly before the new meetings