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  • 00:00: welcome beautiful ladies here It will be considered forecast certain period of your life wherein reviewed it will be through some archetypes that is there are four goddess who live there as a kind of energy in the for every woman In order to understand what kind goddess energy is your life you turn to their give birth and bottom either on a video Video view actually what dates
  • 00:30: birth will contribute Now your implementation female archetype at each period each month has certain way of life here for this archetype for this goddess and it is very important to understand that the forecast maximally effective for the who implement it To a large extent Women's mission is there there are some wayward date giving strong creative independent nature woman and beneath
  • 01:00: video you will also You will find a description of these dates that will not match this woman's fate or will be minimal and match and those women who so to speak the most heavily involved in some service to the man to his family for them this prediction can be very great strength because that it reflects the ones archetypal forces the four goddesses are disclosed in every woman and create some way of life again
  • 01:30: well beneath the video a link to a description of all 70 years for your archetype and I was a little cutting These four maps the archetype of the four Goddess is a 4 card ladies and each year every time they life has certain property is chirvovaya This lady of clubs deadlock and diamonds lady beneath the video you you can find the actual links to complete 70 year cycle
  • 02:00: for one is for the ladies and I very valuable if you leave your your feedback impression how it is for you come because for some it will be right here is the situation but as that's how full compliance fact for someone especially for wayward dates births it will a very approximate forecast Nevertheless I recommend you leaving the opposite Us it is very useful for everyone and other subscribers ability to understand
  • 02:30: see here these relationship and share their experiences I think it will be this It will be useful for me and others in this Thank you for your attention and will now be own description all features following the tenth year of my life, I comment on Only 60 3 Well because I was so
  • 03:01: Only there is further that the tenth year of life it is very important see the big quantity talk experience changes that's enough diverse in their Energy and here good will some historical mystical theme at that in this , she presented like just the beginning opportunities in the while following this year it will be more serious and Dive into some the spiritual part of themselves in Anyway if
  • 03:32: there's this part of year follow some spiritual teachings it here middle of this year this will give you a the progress of internal and gaining a sense of some new Spirituality something. a sometimes very much chat conversations in within a year and principle itself Year perceived well enough so positive and easy because next will rather complicated He slept with them
  • 04:03: support for the tenth year there are a lot also power cooperation as last year you with a partner something to do lots of discuss here is anticipation possible since no What is new here too can present at that their job whether that else but the main thing that this is a business almost business cooperation Despite the fact that this many family energy but before all that's tied to Doubles more energy who we are with him we these with the person that
  • 04:33: We decide there and it is very responsibly and partnerships within family at the beginning of the year everything happens sooner smoothly in the beginning of the year some child or young man It is becoming source of such bright emotional feelings but principle is already a month three things are going very smoothly and now straight as it should in any on family home Basically comfortably on main themes in the second half years as depletion large family large
  • 05:04: crowds great so bright Well as if high circle of people with whom I I do who constantly around me a lot young people somewhere or children at the end of closer to the end of the year possibly very pleasant journey if you plan to end of the year Weight '60 here enough
  • 05:37: financial calm stable existence Basically life here It is associated with a family with close with emotional emotional to know with confidence emotional care service but the family Earlier this year, rather complex 1 the first months of the year five first give half of the year it emotionally can be enough difficult because If the spiritual map
  • 06:07: requiring self-denial release somewhere on third month feeling that emotionally as that you with any individual you if someone journey feeling loneliness then you try someone help and the solemn activities also but some such cars strain may 1 plan felt year yet here alone financially very
  • 06:37: smooth and stable Korea gives a feeling of well not in harmony second plan year be attentive to health there are well are enough advanced features readings and very well if you watch your mind because it is thought parasites can form any painful the situation as if you say yes smite I have thunder and thunder Now there are very impress it is important to keep track of their mental habits as you You think with your body
  • 07:07: 2 because you the authors, the singing is may direct impact on your physical diseases that you You think about your body on you celebrated sixty full years day on when you go he turns 59 '60 go here Earlier this year there is a theme journey in the second
  • 07:37: basically here or family move that is it journey meet due to the close all beginning of the year he is very changeable and all that is possible to all the first half year and there is a bang This is very important in the active dense process so nothing remains on site and any work business lions agreements that they need to spend given with a bang The only thing that is important see more spiritual It contains component of this year because she due to the fact that you or have surrounded
  • 08:12: young artists free stereotypes people or this year suggests what you do freed in your your minds to disappears some rules and restrictions and you become yourself as a child here is a kind of a theme preparedness initiation here in the spiritual sense eat well, to First follow some spiritual traditions need feel well
  • 08:42: Here's how to throw all the same stereotypes and start view life safely without restrictions there is also the other hand it can be related to the fact that in your community are as bold and audacious free the spirit of the people here matter how you do it energy turn but in any case, you great amount confidence in the beginning years and 1 year, you understand can push any decisions any any transfers questions relating there finances to the decision of one or another serious cases but then again so
  • 09:12: should be expected that the The first half of the year very keep on rafters and year so more idle and financial are unstable perhaps go further