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  • 00:00: good afternoon my friends greet you on my daughter's channel and galaxy s German galaxy and Today we begin practical course German spoken language lesson 1 let's learn with you several German words on the topic stationery listen carefully [music]
  • 00:30: school textbook [music] borders notebook [music]
  • 01:10: so we know 4 subject matter dashul god breathe means of diablo and the pin you see that before these nouns there are articles of dos and now we need understand what is articles in German language and why they are used
  • 01:41: look at this table and so on there is German three kinds of men in German muscle we are average but in the morning female replaced and the required number pero no me no te vi in the case all nouns masculine gender definite article idea of ​​the average dos Female de and flora li the day we look
  • 02:12: and see that before noun there is an article dos it means that this middle word with style definite yields there is a noise the god of school textbook is he with us middle gender yes and noise runs in d wrap males in nomination shows that this word masculine schools satchel is he d-dos bread exercise book Russian
  • 02:42: feminine language but in the German portico iidos therefore notebook in German neuter to swift pencil articles of art. this is the male gender today we need to you learn build simple offers and we will describe we will call school accessories and the first question is today we must to learn it is you das what is this watching
  • 03:13: carefully you that of the verb there is dos this is what is this will recreate this question we can reply next das ist ein design Ainu what is al-ain and these are not certain articles look our attentive table for males kind of accommodation in Tiwi medium articles are not
  • 03:43: certain the same aym for women and other dural articles are not defined in general does not exist what is it it means that it means that if you see the word masculine with article and then we we substitute in this case and they look at Our omens will give middle genus and mdf men's aime will give
  • 04:13: medium and nd male and now we we can compile simple sentences mass stas what is it get the schule god this school textbook you will be told that this the big knapsack is EC school satchel you das recreated give hd and learn the following words of us
  • 04:44: ruler and the radio Bumi
  • 05:27: plastic carefully eraser look carefully here at We are again followed by the words male and female kind and we build our application you issa on a condition not al you desd us with google washer you will get us out of syringe you issa dass es she is diagun iii [music] next word pencil case
  • 05:57: scissors watch carefully
  • 06:35: goodbye ken neuter gender will recreate get the leonid hen cheaper de article of certain feminine means not defined Ainu will recreate doses amisia griffith pin muskuri but pass from dass das ist ein film fest [music] calendar
  • 07:26: [music] calculator and so on d1 masculine gender is changed to
  • 07:56: wrap around recreating she will create a poppy you des das on the shan forever now we look attentively to Make proposal negative we just add the letter to it certain articles and obtain
  • 08:26: negative sentence does is considered hin it is not kicked das ist kein tires it not scissors das ist candy pin das ist kein 1 it does not cheat color them das east confirming alinda it is not planner das ist poppy is not grades
  • 08:57: text separator process to on the shelf at this is not a calculator for especially with you built applications negative to you have learned to build as positive and negative and now Let's be sample practice these proposals and be with translation into German language and since we say i think this ruler I think in German and for y would
  • 09:29: remember this phrase and for a.b. das ist ein me [music] but as we say, I I think this is not a line and for uber das ist kein faded I represent the letter k and
  • 10:00: we get negative offer as we say it's a pen and I think you did it. even the son scares the puck it's not a pen das ist kein alas the puck as we say it
  • 10:31: scissors das ist but also on the female gender shiva and now tell me it's not scissors substitute the letter k as flowed and get das ist kein Yeshe you tell me this notebook das ist infest as we say
  • 11:08: this is not a notebook of sweets try saying in German and this text separator poppy marker with negation of cognac and so is your task
  • 11:42: build proposals with these items with negation and without negations to what extent how many boards and one of the context and other words
  • 12:14: also Donbass the gas from stone all the words you find it under video try it compose offers independently and today i will give homework try it under video in comments write translations the following suggestions I think this is a pencil case
  • 12:44: I think it's school textbook this is not a notebook it is not pencil is not Sharpener is a pair of scissors
  • 13:14: what is it daily your comments homework I must read and I will answer I will fix the errors if such will i I bid farewell to you and to next lesson [music]