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What to do if the sole burst? (Repair of footwear) shoe Repair  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi moved here boots asked to do anything in general Part of the story burst outsole in this way to This means that on the what do we do We note here somewhere
  • 00:32: line and holds it place all demolitions dub that was not these mounds all general rovnenko I now feel that music will tear down and So we continue starred that music like this now it's all
  • 01:02: It looks and degreased this one bursting and glue some glue is fast drying such a glue well, then look further Now glue and so I glued soles Now draw here Such are the twists and
  • 01:33: Here is such a help pieces cut kanovka Podlipki that's all he took
  • 02:35: longer because here outsole strongly thin it no He pierced removed distance away and Now the whole thing Now all stitches do not forget to remove the provisional laundry to her there is not
  • 03:09: live on respective It will be covered later washing all kind of It will be great thus sew this cracks you
  • 03:48: date or at the fireplace and hands are those that I think the meaning is clear fastening cracks in this way
  • 04:18: So stitched sole all rovnenko longer Chennai is not evil all of the outsole places and here such here with micropores otmetochki then another 5 to the end
  • 04:48: season at least not We are different, and so that's all under metochki I put anyone I wondering how to put under the label set candle Click here change here soles there was no reason to attack because up here at very useless cheap one
  • 05:19: Color Options and so more until the end of the season people will achieve in So here came as the entire sole as a new entity here is a general Video for today thanks for watching subscribe to channel all the luck while