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As it is correct to tie up the bought sapling of a klematis to a support. 4 Spring. part 1  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends now i I'm in a greenhouse firms came clematis and in the heat they started to grow here now I want to take these are the gratings and so that by the time one could put in the shop for sale they are already well developed and blossom so as not to be already beautiful decorative spit out of well began to grow and develop and that he blossomed of course need a pot more than
  • 00:31: do not forget the earth then with a marker yours you have not confused what grade is it now I'll tie them up have here on such bamboo If during the clematis should not be used here he look stretched out and broke off so that this did not occur them during attach to a support clematis in the greenhouse of course, immediately
  • 01:01: I got under way in growth in see what it is already big and husband and even this grid soon It will not be enough and sinus already formed side shoots I think that he we will not be offended if we are a little bit his pimples acne stop here. Lessons are these lateral shoots will give us branching and on them already will be formed flowers but on such on low shoots
  • 01:31: no good flower of course to us do not have to therefore let me show you how right distribute sprouts on the grille you will see they have already begun cling to each other friend should be somehow hold and they cling to their leaf petioles this bamboo the stick that went with clematis can remove the grate put closer the crossbar the bottom was next to
  • 02:01: shoots now every runaway need to be neat untangle if they already began to stand for each other neatly and their distribute here I look dismantled shoots now neatly each separately fix on bamboo support here so neat and when not moving do nothing rude
  • 02:31: sharp for our Escape is nowhere bent down and immediately leaf petioles help him cling to thin bamboo chopsticks like that he already in general, and began beat only himself yourself and now here's these curls we everything was turned on bamboo stick and also do
  • 03:01: second and third runaway neatly pushed cells and distribute they are evenly distributed throughout the do not forget the length nip again top and 3 runaways Well, now
  • 03:38: clematis ready to grow and develop form lateral shoots and tie buds such clematis will already demand top-dressing because he has enough sheet matzo you are the same we want him to have us because of shifts therefore they will need integrated fertilizer each watering add slightly mineral alternate and organic fertilizer