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  • 00:00: Welcome to the connection Andrey Sukhov and website pisi secret dot ru this video I want launch a series of videos lessons to be dedicated to the installation windows on a computer in first video lesson we you talk about which operating system better installed on your a computer I do this the question that is the question What better windows install a computer care of so many and let this Now we shall understand 3 most popular operating system company microsoft
  • 00:30: It is windows xp windows 7 and windows 8 the only factor except itself your desire that will affect choice of operating system is technical possibilities for your computer if your computer say years five or more then do not expect his wonders, and more often it is simply not pull most the latest version of windows windows 8 although in really it makes sense more attentively look at your computer to estimate its technically
  • 01:00: view and have final conclusions do then to to assess your computer technically we do not view You have to look inside the system We will block you interested at speaking only two devices your computer is processor and memory and to be more exact Tuna with you will interest clock frequency processor and the amount random access memory are set in your computer, these specifications can be learn without opening system unit and using
  • 01:30: standard tools for windows In order to learn these options you just go to Start menu and on the computer icon call context menu by right mouse button select properties and window opens properties in this window We will be with you interested in two This processor line and installed memory same can be done in windows xp here we go to the Start menu and just as well call Right-click the
  • 02:00: My Computer select properties and appears similar window properties of the system where also provides information the installed processor and an volume memory and which is installed in this computer to us with you to determine the version windows which we are will install on our computers I suggest take advantage of same rules which was derived so to speak of own experience if the clock frequency
  • 02:30: your CPU a computer for more than two gigahertz and volume random access memory is equal to or more than two gigabyte is possible easily installed windows 7 well or windows 8 if desired respectively, and processor frequency and RAM memory and less than two gigabytes 2 gigahertz respectively, the must be install windows xp like now my computer set to processor with a clock speed over three gigahertz
  • 03:00: it is quite satisfactory but the volume of operations memory is only one GB Yet now I installed windows 7 on this computer as this test computer and I'm on it almost not only work record video lessons for enough performance data to work with windows 7 if I had this computer run the RAM Memory 1 GB it quite small and I would almost immediately I felt this
  • 03:30: now with the lack of modern applications that have modern programs in windows 7 you need to have both at least two gigabytes random access memory otherwise you immediately you feel like the computer starts will slow down not so fast download software not so fast with them work that is you all will experience so if you you want comfortable working in windows 7 the do you wish to have 2 gigabytes of Memory and processor I clocked speed of at least
  • 04:00: other hertz respectively if a pair of these parameters below as I have already said, I recommend you still stop on windows xp and install it on your computer since such parameters you may well can comfortably work with this operating system As far as windows 8, here is my opinion is this operating system not much more demanding to resources than windows 7 so if you there is a desire SET press down on your eight computer if the claim computer
  • 04:30: satisfies the rule that has just announced the please course may install and windows 8 as well as my choice for Today it is windows 7 and that's why Now in this video course I talk about how to install windows 7 on your computer