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Fresh chicken dung for the first liquid top dressing of plants  See details »

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  • 00:00: here he is famous landfill for export wastes poultry farm here is exported mostly chicken litter but also other birds here chicken litter as can be seen very much [music] it covers here you can find and quashed
  • 00:31: it is possible and fresh I now came for fresh chicken a drop but look for him do not here is he directly here it is here that he he pours out semi-liquid only removing the crust understand divorce all sorts of different larvae
  • 01:02: therefore here always many birds not with success here fed the only problem that the road seemed so good to me too I had to go for litter on his trouble-free loop a lot to me I do not need here I chose tank for the first liquid top dressing to me it is quite enough and I I think then if necessary will be
  • 01:34: can still lead this is our polygon colleagues of chicken at I put the tank in with chicken droppings in secluded place now the wind is strong of course now no odors but nevertheless, even now
  • 02:04: already seen as love this is a matter of the fly already from somewhere and not smelled and here it is already here going somewhere attach therefore the packet smell smell therefore I'm now a tank I'll cover here about 30 liters of fresh chicken litter of this quite the first I have enough time and then you can still lead now
  • 02:34: I will calm the tank so that There was no smell fly flies to it not have been and will be everything is fine