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  • 00:00: the last part we you scribbled on a pro a foot on typewriter and I choose it but not frozen, and the magic under I, I took is improvised OF REGULAR a wooden stick I did so in mainly in the last I use this time terminals for this eversion very convenient and fast thrusting his part grab as heroes
  • 00:31: gut-wrenching and then necessarily inside We need good good just go to pieces better we twisted such sensuality accurate feeder the next part of our already dedicated to packing many are interested
  • 01:02: fact correct choose what to buy here I 4 bits shown in It called sintepuh This is basically the sintepuh pillows budget that I'm sold on the markets spend already bought and used it for packing for his first pupae there are those who used in this Synthetic roll
  • 01:32: syntepon they grew connected to some pieces and heated Now this synth-pop like I call him I do not know it correctly It called it Korean it seems really in our Ukrainian but I feel they are completely different I told to previous video lesson in the drawing it is very soft and very gentle and at the same time, he springy our all favorite
  • 02:03: holofayber Hellhammer his call it here such a sintepuh sintepon do not know how correctly in these here granules Now I talk about features of each that he is tough, this This is very hard This very soft and hard and soft both springs how to choose for their own purposes
  • 02:33: synthpop packing when you You go to the store knife there are some different types and you confused do not know you and most importantly, you need to choose something pack that well-springs how to check you ASSUME tear off roll down the ball pretty tight good press if You have a ball develops rapidly it is likely that it can not you
  • 03:05: This approach liqueur for example, if that's of this ball roll He instantly becomes very dense and will look like try to roll out this ball almost rides which was so he stayed well try this In principle it is also I stayed the same shape I ball from him I can not roll
  • 03:35: so just say you that it is not printing know who adapt this this bag. almost I personally packing We do not consider themselves but now we try to fill our Details here we have four legs I do not I will turn out I leave as is It does not look like what we use during the
  • 04:07: pack someone enjoy some wood chopsticks someone even pencils someone buys sticks I also listen to the usual started sticks sushi someone who has adapted He wants to fill them a must make to the corner of which end dota stuff but these probably more wide some those here do not know scissors they will shows priests some clippers It can be just like that break off and a little
  • 04:39: to make amends for it later need for it We need to Our best sintepuh He was captured during packing and all bait nuances Details will be discussed in our next sessions and now we just nabem our feet each type on the label let's see what they have I have obtained at packing again I use such terminals
  • 05:09: first we filling it Ukrainian sits at Negro in general, I have them I stuffed for a long time explicit accustomed I want to tell you that quite good if you do not have some another Phil Haber
  • 05:40: or whatever you can go to the market to buy inexpensive pillow there is likely this will fall rovnenko crammed Next we Lorne Jörg trying somehow distribute to footboard and puts which is not very
  • 06:10: slippery immediately strays even the way back to the place and here just want you to tell formed a very tight ball that is if we will to fill the following serving our It will have conky It is one of the signs the so-called Cellulite dolls they all love and do not know how to him get rid of principle just get rid of We need to change the brandy sintepuh very soft
  • 06:40: He goes well at leg easily It is put on the touch leg remains moderately smooth soft, that is me very last take our fil Fiber holofayber that
  • 07:10: sold by us group in general but I I like it but what they I do not like if I stuffed it slightly below you splits and name if it is a ball prilovchilis the it is possible to fill Again, if this is It does stick to sushi I have not tried but I I think it will very uncomfortable I can clip grab some serving and shove you stick to the end
  • 07:40: stick to the legs sushi let me try It seems like something on it you see it ie slips it does not capture all the balls and I accounted for several times ambassador I want to say Basically touch here this is my leg get the most tight from the which of pillows it is sold in the Loose well suppose he's in the pillow
  • 08:10: that I will not even to consider roll because here is some bumps very gentle soft foot flat nice night this principle also quite tight and 1 it is soft but I will I advise course i choose Korean Fiber fell principle it now I believe the day the best drinks our next
  • 08:40: lesson, we will be you learn the right stuff hands and feet and devote major part of our classes packing this dangerous and important difficult for many place as a puppet neck thanks Italy you will for your attention rejoice because