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  • 00:00: Hello I promised you show several recipes the use of cereals and today will do burgers by the way my husband did not immediately I guess what they are made and if you can enjoy repeat this recipe He is very, very simple, and so I'm here cook somewhere floor kilogram color cabbage in salt water and here I millet porridge and I flooded and glass broth if you do not what I often rather cook a broth with find where a vegetable root parsley and celery and carrots in general, if you have nothing
  • 00:31: no just take milk glass here milk and boil for 20 minutes both not Remember that if your usual millet porridge then it should be Rinse several times well it hot water here tap can be well that is, if you very very warm it also go here and then it is much It turns out not tasty so bitter that's also been put cook potatoes because these meatballs are to
  • 01:01: potatoes and until all it is cooked I want make them a salad dressing most probably sauce which is called tzatziki if I have someone It looks from Greece write please a right recipe because in Poland here to eat so well here in general, take a cucumber I will rub them on fine grater and necessarily a good thing still pressing us need clove garlic and I put dill and Greek yogurt pepper
  • 01:31: slightly literally It can be a little bit so of olive oil as well as the Greek yogurt pretty I'm not fat Well add this actually all a little salt here I will stir It will be the sauce cutlets already boiled color I washed the cabbage Cold in the clothes she rather cool to mash all the good fork I connected all mixed porridge that dumped somewhere one cup-third took white pepper on a whale
  • 02:01: spoon half spoon me too parsley over me It was not fresh like that was twice the store forgot buy her mace nuts too on a spoon tea egg spoon breadcrumbs all will be well stir to do burgers even dip them in breadcrumbs and I will fry that's my ready meatballs sauce like see also now I will serve mashed potatoes and delicious It happened if you longer be colored the cabbage
  • 02:31: or porridge it will have add half the egg yet a little bit breadcrumbs Then everyone will cling normal and I toasted coconut Who cares oil I have it odorless this time so Nothing interrupts smell like the world I say here but meat lovers probably still not akim will eat I do every day very tasty I children also do not understand of what these burgers so with gladly or rather not have a child of sugar we have the day off
  • 03:01: day, which means that I male cook dinner and today we will I hope that the pork for your husband you this recipe useful, and so fry one but a large onion no to gold color just to she became myagenkoy it is possible to oil do but I still I prefer normal sunflower put more oil I see 5 pieces pork here somewhere 600 grams and probably flooded all glass broth
  • 03:31: cup finely but not very large cup where some 350 ml and even more and then I all extinguished closed cover and extinguished where one and a half hours before in order that the meat was soft but you can take other meat and simmer until tender when we will be here so right to fall apart here etc. I see that I have quite a bit of I postpone the county at no Now check let me take it mushrooms I chanterelles
  • 04:01: I think because they later called eight years for abroad I very, very difficult certainly remember especially as the name You know it is rare I use something his speech is very difficult then such specific words from the right straight Now remember Take the spoon all well I will mix the meat extinguished about three minutes for mushrooms and as you can see yes sauce seemed more than therefore it is good that it is not topped up and I was very
  • 04:31: I am often improvise on actually not advance somehow not check out these recipes just write and also that the cook then if it turns the tasty spread I spoke about the channel is that I do not now! was the inspiration but I I hope you slept heat and me more and more eager to I want to cook Now take the cream from I have a 20 per cent even in my little more and I pour but even half a cup where it is possible one I just have a third
  • 05:01: husband likes cream sauce so I'm going to do more bring to a boil and still I do not know too 3 minute then I will look extinguish our meat more just a few minutes since I He said already before I readily I salted and peppered still put dill slightly literally delicious turns and so I today bummer because I bought them at Yes, I took a ready-made French pastry
  • 05:32: stuffing we do together here because I own son chic and and Well, not like yesterday in the evening there was no forces and indeed to PM this cake it is better not to cook It can be any berries among others yes it keeps our this here so that we today Cook I hope the beauty that will keep Cola because their ethics what I have literally there 40 minutes in order to prepare cert that Today version lazy I think that
  • 06:02: we will succeed do next if you for example cooking adults can warm up there three spoon someone brandy and stir it with two spoons raspberry jam and then it all send in strawberries I cut it so we half here and I I do children so I took just two spoons raspberry jam and somewhere I have here pound starter
  • 06:32: so strawberries here I mascarpone I I mix it with vanilkoy now I will do whipped cream and here little Experiment has not yet ready it all now then try to tell you like it because There are no sugar but since there is jam seems to me which can also be not bad for me in Anyway here Tartu and show you later as you can see here such Beauty I got all sprinkled with coconut and not bad in my
  • 07:03: it looks but very very tasty very sweet Well We will prepare a dinner to man and to the whole family and at first I Sliced onions here I do not have half-ring such a small whole I forgot to fry it in butter here's my pork know that such part of it dlinnenkaya place called in English is such a from the books of coffee is all sliced ​​as you can see it's so good at
  • 07:33: here it is necessary to stretch the part of being here with this part of the meat it is such a pig history that it should be fry or big fire and somewhere a half minute one and on the other hand here as I will I have children all I will simmer somewhere half an hour and then here Now these things medallion probably not they are called starting to like that is falling apart but that you know very loose meat getting here and now when
  • 08:04: a little bit fry onions he was actually I was talking I'll lay out the meat same here and wait for it two minutes when she I fry meat previously I planted and pepper Next, I will add need apple vinegar vinegar but I will be the grape package and it's not quite my recipe that I took Internet pages class I can but
  • 08:34: she is Polish Many of you do not know Polish language so that I'll leave a link bottom of look if you're interested in but his videos, I also often cook something from there on in Basically I somehow remodel recipes that's the way it Folding and share here all this and simmer until not stew for now then I'll fry pour more water all new in you will be now I I will do caramelized I chose two apples the big apple
  • 09:04: I cut them on quarters and apples I kind of have to choose Poland is sour this rhinitis as it and often choose here these here it apples are often take to Charlotte here are something else I now left This will warm up a spoonful of oil there too I put somewhere floor spoons of sugar and will fry the apples eat them caramelized somewhere Poltar
  • 09:34: minute also with a and the other side I was a little changed their concept because I picked apples I mix them with sugar and when it is Maslow very I warmed up start put them on pan Now I spread ground somewhere along the spoon thyme and spoon his tea vinegar so it
  • 10:05: vine apple was ideally I usually do not, he does not I ended lee let all cover This oregano somewhere Half an hour is my Apples them I will already put directly into pan when all Now I will be ready I have poured as one package there 250 milliliters cream I love here It is based sauces or with the ambassador even before readily else will pepper as well
  • 10:35: I cover more minutes We must let then it is all stewed I add my apples so I said again pepper and all is 20 nothing terrible show as a result, in all It looks sit eat do not tell anyone ate, a man in my this suggests that It was delicious now we will feed sugar and can in the community and clean plates so now I show you my best
  • 11:06: favorite dessert I have it so tasty and I very counting on the fact that it is not just fashionable but and I will show you useful how to make pudding Th seeds wherein I used them also I bought ordered of America and they are not creating such as to jelly that is, they are not swelled Ali and many I wrote something I am doing wrong No, I then read in Internet that it is often said as with the low me seeds themselves Here and now I have them I bought in our growth me and without problems all
  • 11:36: works and how I I did take two spoons whose pour their coconut milk which is tin of banks it is not the milk which packages I approximate take this much is probably in a glass that is usual standard glass and half I take such coconut milk which is very thick White and depending the temperature in which it is or it is very liquid or is just like knows how sour
  • 12:06: sometimes freezes as oil becomes and in the second part cup that is I take half normal milk can be take the plant but I had a normal milk all I pour well I am shaken and left well, literally overnight even two hours they swell and turn into a pudding conventional milk likely not work because that all the same it is not so hard freeze as coconut milk and then put on top fell put ordinary fruit
  • 12:37: Of course it all It looks nice with raspberries with blueberries but Today the store is not I was so all here and so will put very beautiful me this cup from Local second store I forgot to say that can be back in the mix also put honey and I also knew that I will be here such know quite sour berry fruit I have here and apricot strawberries as you can see therefore I 2 initially led
  • 13:08: honey and all these seeds swell such beauty I it turns out that I am pleased so will the appetite look my breakfast if you do not get something seeds hell most likely a problem it is in them that's so all stood by me closed and stone end video share with you my recipe compote that quite often now! all summer'll make some general children tried speak compote instead of the juice we do not buy juices on
  • 13:39: the maximum that we there is here a a syrup he loves her husband so he is not trying children not to give Ignat I do not drink this in general I have apples here pears and plums peel at the bottom and to somehow enhance the taste do it is more intense York put sugar because well, let We will not hide all like a sweet compote but still know so everything in moderation and I put here half teaspoon spoon so he cinnamon also put three
  • 14:11: I think that the clove many are familiar with here that's the Thing and it gives a interesting taste I still have here such Piece of caramel and vanilla if you have vanilla sugar whether Vanilla sugar is red It can be a little bit too literally pinch add much delicious something It reminds likely even Uzvara well, in general with berries too funny turns and that's the way girl I thought I It shows you the recipe pirogue
  • 14:41: that long promised but just did not have inspiration forgive me please I I will try but somehow even themselves motivate cook something It takes but you know that I absolutely and lovers when there is no Inspiration is something cook very hot we still have somewhere to go constantly so do not I wanted nothing I do not shoot missing recipes so I spread as if that's the card or cake with strawberries just now and actually strawberries can be replace any
  • 15:11: other berries even thought that fun is just Now this apple which showed your previous recipe for meat caramelized Apple is also very tasty turn so while you can still example take the peaches that bank or pineapple if you like there are many options not necessarily need Fresh berries from supermarket hope you to me angry and that only Now I spread This recipe is simple Now it happened if I knew that in
  • 15:41: vlogs else would you showed that if not I knew that because long will collect more recipes but for a single video anything all I have in ranks as you can see all Thank you for attention I embrace the whole bon appetit bye Bye