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The sunflower dissolves bilious and nephroliths, and also removes salts - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: I wish you good garbage delighted to welcome you are on the channel on secret throughout the world today we are with you talk about how get rid of the stones and salts of our organism folk medicine cold sunflower used more several centuries ago they were considered one of the most effective means to dissolve stones in the liver and gall and kidney but it was not true be argued that
  • 00:30: sunflower root removes any kinds of stones in the gall liver and in the soil it can dissolve stones formed acid Environment ok salad at different the same stones that formed alkaline environment carbonate phosphate broth stones are not able to dissolve so that you are not disappointing roots sunflower treatment should start only After you You know nature stone formed your Fords another attack which successfully
  • 01:02: copes root sunflower removal salts of joints but here it is not necessary count on here sunflower only will help you dissolve the salt and food joints he restore tissue can not therefore decoction of the roots is more useful to prevention Tophus they are in the case when hryas that was already I will confirm damaged it is worth noting that treats the root Sunflower and diabetes substantial improvement begins about six months after
  • 01:32: its use it also normalizes relieves pressure heart and head pain completely clearing the the body from accumulated toxins So the recipe solid to prepare a enough 1 cup crushed and dried roots pour sunflower three liters of water and boil for 5 minutes simmered with the moment of boiling the resulting broth Drain and place in fridge for
  • 02:04: preservation of useful properties previously cool down roots it is not necessary to throw out of them can be make broth again Cook on slow fire all three persons frets already within 10 minutes they will fit and third trial only cooking time increased to 20 minutes then cool and strain through barrier to deliverance stones salt broth you need to drink one
  • 02:35: liter daily taking him small portions before meals and after meals he has no taste so you can drink simply as water at This harmful products from the diet is necessary exclude it acute and smoked savory coffee and alcohol and that As for contraindications a decoction of the roots Sunflower is not necessary apply at insoluble stones and during pregnancy and breast
  • 03:05: feeding be healthy and to new meetings channel secret around light