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What to prepare for dinner? Macaroni with mushrooms in creamy sauce. Quickly and Tasty.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello friends this channel business I taste name is Julia now We will prepare pasta with mushroom sauce or mushrooms in cream sauce as you like if you're interested how to cook stay with us, I you all the details I tell chop mushrooms
  • 00:32: very small but not very big here not half so very thin plates in heated pan Pour the oil and spread sliced ​​mushrooms and lid open stir them fry when mushrooms produced juice the liquid will be us
  • 01:02: We need to wait when the liquid evaporates completely Now we have formed all as fungi are now we do continue cook until fully liquid has evaporated Well, that's when the liquid and metals we add to the mushrooms chopped onion here on such as would not even half rings and even in two Straws can say a whole onion most well
  • 01:32: add here cut into strips sweet Bulgarian Green pepper is better he did little else taste and he gives such can tell a certain taste it Now we dish We try to fry onions peppers and mushrooms until lightly golden color and strong fire them on the sly
  • 02:05: brown through some time add finely chopped garlic in I have here four small cloves fresh garlic so young 4 can be smaller, you can do not add If you do not like icon gives too very pleasant taste and Also do not forget salt and necessarily black pepper pepper
  • 02:35: right after adding garlic taste smell changed very tasty so I advise with garlic a little better fry until yet that's not our pepper will myagenko here it is still hard can on it is now close the cover is not on the big a little magnet to stew pepper quickly became soft
  • 03:05: when all we Ingredients ready add the cream here if there is no cream can be add a spoonful of dining room without slides Flour it's all good Stir fry and then add milk and begin to boil as well as with cream if there is cream without a meal add cream number depends on the matter how liquid sauce you want here at I have here 200
  • 03:35: I 200 milliliters milliliters add forward when all boils bring to boiling a bit on the slow fire lidded pro per minute two or three, and our sauce ready at the same time boil spaghetti or any other pasta that you want Mushroom sauce prepared
  • 04:05: it is already possible and disable bit to brew lidded he came to ready spaghetti spread on a plate and add on top our prepared mushroom sauce can be mix everything advance may be submitted as such you can decorate the top
  • 04:35: I hope parsley you enjoy the recipe preparation of such way mushrooms because it is delicious and quickly and I wish you all pleasant if appetite like recipe subscribe to cook channel and once again all Bon Appetit and till [music]