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  • 00:00: Greetings your friends in Galina's art studio some of bees you interested how to make patterns of Here is such a string natural thread here such patterns with happy you cutting it sekretik easy and everyone can I am sure and so
  • 00:31: look I'm from the Internet Download picture good uncle google kind and give us here These sorts pictures Download any drawing for this take a regular file whose name ends conventional farming put there this figure so here and you
  • 01:05: fabric for Arts ready then I taken here is such a polymeric universal transparent glue dragon we used to protective film from battery and so take Now this glue it very thick nose this does not suit me us for this artistry not therefore suitable girls must learned I picked up a tube of
  • 01:35: paints and prestige He's such a thin nose, and that's it just us I poured the need here glue and principle, This stage we already everything is in order making pattern select the desired We fragment which we want to repeat We are conducting adhesive of contour and small select a fragment the adhesive does not have time wither conduct of
  • 02:05: contour Now take the twine are putting stick so that the finger cus-cus well missed twine Here you can hold tweezers here are 10 top
  • 02:35: where bending and continue apply without cutting the thread to make all the pieces then it will be necessary prilovchilis how well These povorotiki rough edges It dries quickly
  • 03:05: then the next fragment So Now Practicing where sharp tweezers angle and then to stretch the turn thread Well if it is not necessary and can be
  • 03:40: cut off again cut off so at an angle to easily hide bridge here Here we repeated drawing and just I did see Here it is possible to imagine modify how you will enjoy seeing Here beak of two parts and I made out one so here I repeated and this piece here We leave for 20-30 minutes
  • 04:12: later very easy hand movement is This glue is very It departs from the well film and so here bend over and plenochku and shoot very easily and then using hot silicone adhesive pistol can stuck on any surface of the hand see such plenochka is here
  • 04:42: For this plyonochku pass hot glue and apply any surface that's the same way I I taped this one and this fragment It happened like this here are beautiful the secrets we have with you but it is no secret and secret throughout the world you all good I wish to you all well it turned out make you happy and I wish you success in creativity all the best to you
  • 05:12: Galina has bee bye Bye a