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Taboo in style of women after 40, 50, 60 years. Part 1  See details »

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  • 00:00: that categorically unacceptable after bidet and years that have absolutely not It recommended to wear a woman for to once again not old did not add overweight and made vulgar about This and many other I could talk today is called pulling image maker and stylist founder international school image and style network and today I want to reveal to you a few secrets I will continue this the subject of a taboo for women after 50 years what is the such things are never desirable Under no
  • 00:30: circumstances I use it first bright color hair when you not real bright not natural color Hair that is visible what is it Dyed hair is adds age and add some vulgarity It also may include and bright make-up which will not look all natural small talk history of makeup Women need to understand approximate the period of time when she was happy such as a He wanted the public I think that the transport sometimes you can meet women blue shades of pink
  • 01:00: lipstick white chignon is means that in the area the beginning of the sixties seventies it was very happy respectively presumably minus twenty years it is near forties Birthday or you can a little bit later if It is a small town because it comes a little bit later respectively our makeup hairstyles we can understand what the age of the woman makeup should be It does not change very often at least once five years, so if you have not changed
  • 01:30: your makeup be sure to go to the makeup artist talk and see what kind of you skin now! because the shade with age the skin changes and pick starting from as oval fine today as of today color hair color cluster check it out things change age pick its new makeup because use bright to kia We lived to make that when like even if you then there were a star that does not mean today it is you fine look presence Children's jewelery
  • 02:00: even when they say of jewelery and a after the age of 50 years suggest that desirable women after 50 wearing only expensive jewelry keep in mind jewelry that is from precious metals It seems to me that this longer wish sellers to sell at much expensive products so women after 50 years of often self-contained and have the opportunity buy yourself these things for them It recommended it as offer as usually at the same matter if you lovely good
  • 02:30: quality jewelry you You may well be able let her wear that is another matter evening recommended use some more expensive expensive methane, and if your dress code means some quite status event but infantile decoration form all kinds of cookies any day already very advanced and creative details What Not to Wear if you do not known designer who in this way stresses its pantyhose style mesh for many becomes the the stumbling block because after 40
  • 03:00: after 50 like wear any bright tights fishnet or bright openwork designs on Actually they very suspicious type of clothing, even for Young persons are not speaking the fact as it should dress women already having its own style your taste in general once I looked program with Irene Hakamada which she told me about fishnet tights tights that is vulgar and here used socks the mesh is very even piquant for example if you slacks from under
  • 03:31: that when you shift your feet throws a leg up on foot peeps piece socks fishnet it looks very spicy meaning distance between shoes and shoes and I I think that it has the place to be but when if this evening some not interesting events is very a fun way to emphasize their Sexuality, on the that you will not some vivid detail and leopard Brooks then it will Well, that's cool though As for tights mesh someone with
  • 04:01: openwork patterns and other similar fairly pretentious element emphasizing the legs it's desirable refuse because it does not emphasize style it increases feet it shows you have enough a vulgar and only sorry for this word but often when we in this way trying to emphasize the their sexuality well like I want to cry attention and we are with you We learn together whisper it attract attention very quiet and at the same time achieve results accessories should be be very
  • 04:32: careful with bags in particular lacquered skin because it emphasizes age it adds some solemnity age if you very like lacquer ware it's desirable use them evening they day because during the day they always look emphatically in the evening solemnly and it is not It looks stylish and it is desirable to cool use night even better move on matte skin which looks more status and on effect on than any any apple lacquered series hair style Soviet women
  • 05:02: meaning butch and chemistry to this haircut Unfortunately won popularity throughout the former Soviet space and come time of her refuse in the first place should be care for their hair that they They were soft and silky use all kinds of masks anything just to give your hair soft and not so that they It looks hard Also, do not Use this chemistry and do not use Chemistry in short haircuts is the same add your age as it will the stereotype that a woman with chemistry short
  • 05:33: hairstyle it immediately after 50 or after 60 it is very greatly adds Kim age for you It is on Statement or bluish Hair Today this hair color a trend Unfortunately, not west in our area because we have this and do not understand it at We only adds age except a shade of hair It requires certain state of mind when you feel that want it emphasize when you feel that you merge and single whole with it shade of hair and
  • 06:03: Only it reflects your inner essence Again, are you not must be just the gray hair must be very groomed tinted hair to be look spectacular If you do not want to fool them for a long time and then it is better to choose shade of hair that It is close to your natural tone that you It was previously gray hairs is here gray hair better no joke shirts sleeve to the elbow on Indeed, such shirts very popular women after May 10 after 60 after 70 years
  • 06:34: especially among those who has a great overweight because it seems that you need to cover pens and a sleeve very suitable even summer even glows advisable to wear blouses which sleeve length, and you You can spend it until the middle of the handle In the way that elbow was closed or also choose colleges that me below the elbow so way, though not emphasize the age Now how these shirts martyred call style trucker they are equally bad
  • 07:04: both men and for women for women as they immediately emphasize age they are particularly bad look at the type inverted figure odd triangle weight when just woman looks balloon By the way if you do not We see our video on types of figures I read a real lesson and a half hours long live on figure types He spoke highly a lot of information In addition you can get free presented with this that is the lesson Handout as well as a brochure on type figure with a some back pay
  • 07:34: attention to this video and the write request office mail to team to get these presentation you get them absolutely free and can take advantage of this knowledge to create your own the best log and you can take advantage of a free service our stylist your definition the type of shape and you You can understand any recommendations you better use our school that I I enjoy with us no understanding that I so you can see if someone tells you that you have this type of This figure can be prove that there some logic
  • 08:05: this logic you will see in this video therefore I recommend you see knitted things on the case when we Choose knitwear the women after 50 after 60 years of often choose crocheted openwork crochet very elegant and they opinion articles who look at beautifully unfortunately They are often added age so better to choose simple machine binding to not add yourself extra years you very much I recommend avoiding any hook-shaped knitted pictures
  • 08:35: because the Internet as a these patterns because they will much you add age is not something to order this is a big recommendation has not do not use of such product age is always adds very bright scarf often a woman wants emphasize some their showy flowers person or makeup or draw attention to to create a certain image a bar select accessories beautiful satin Scarves are shining
  • 09:05: and that look like how they dress very very much emphasize age they're even so you add better to use more opaque and scarf they will always work for you better than any Satin or not satin just shiny satin from accessories such as such as scarves should be abandoned the same applies shiny puddles many women acquiring some elegant in their understanding blouse often wear it on holiday and after the thus added
  • 09:35: his age much better to have any shirt with a simple cotton cloth she never add to you superfluous age but these all brilliant products always work against you, it is a taboo classic business costumes seemingly it is such a joy and we can wear them anytime except of eternal classics firstly classics not Yes of course it is always as always in the trend but at any time, in any year, and always its popularity some more
  • 10:05: relevant NDV classic suit for example 80 They were in great Followers and ninety it more free silhouette but remember that your classic the suit should be when the actual woman puts on his front business suit she first looks quite tough it is to add his age the way the secret to your jacket Remember that a woman stack of men is jacket speaking when the names of woman wears
  • 10:36: jacket and he shoulder pads is always adds children are especially if such classic suit burgundy color is very strongly ages Brown is very This greatly ages remember this is not the to very taboo undesirable moments that better not to use in wardrobe classic suit must be purchased a maximum of one year ago then you'll he will be sufficient trend and we still true but if he bought at the store you know what I call for such shops accountants because that gathered there Basically, these outfits
  • 11:07: which do not It has nothing attitude to fashion they there shall cleave some be a flower or some lace somewhere on the neck seems to me it is very stylish very cool such Stores dangerous you need to walk stores that or network is very good shop when you come not matter Manga which marks spencer whatever it may be Network shops they follow trends and you can see have expired business suits them there is presented a
  • 11:37: then walk on other shops that you no like and how to navigate you about be strong choose very great help this be photographed here's an example of things really in the picture you always see yourself otherwise because it's like if on the part of I highly recommend you do it that is the first part In order for our style Women after 40 and after 50 after 60 years we Continuing this theme and write your questions comments under Video I will be very glad if you will ask your questions
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