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Care of blackcurrant in the fall, loosening, top dressing, cutting, mulchirovaniye, cherenkovaniye  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day to all my name is Olga and I am glad welcome you to our channel 1 Today I will talk about currants about black currants so do not be surprised this is small potatoes who gave me neighbor more than a bucket and I with joy in his took his And what do you say but when there currant is that the potato treatment this is the best fertilizer for currants
  • 00:30: potato peelings it is a source of starch which is so like with frosts that its berries are the size of a cherry currant indifferent starch it just for her favorite dessert but should not be confused with starch which sold in packages store it there currants not suitable for increase
  • 01:00: yield very good doing infusion Potato peel and most effectively This fertilization period flowering but also in autumn once it is for currant It does not spring I planted again Annual bushes currant in autumn He cleared the land under shrubs soil loosen and under every bush poured half a liter cans room and then impressive layer
  • 01:31: around the bush laid grated potatoes over the winter I have a lot of save up potato cleaning and spring I myself before flowering thoroughly pamper those bushes of their favorite so treat to be canceled harvest of delicious berries should not be lazy and spring around all bushes when we loose soil will make cleaning potatoes
  • 02:03: currants very water-loving plant must first be watered and if moisture It lacks the growth shoots significantly slowing berries shrinking and if the fall does not enough moisture so will bring bad winter my happiness in autumn we suburbs It was a rainy so watered me currants do not have to but to save
  • 02:34: I have all of the moisture good mulch all the bushes this helps not only to maintain moisture but since currant roots and filamentous located such a shallow layer will moychay all bushes perfectly and comfortably survive any forces the bush I planted in the spring I planted it in all the rules
  • 03:04: top shoots were cut off he completely well I will bring so besides the fact that the currants gave zero escapes zero-order there is still gone and from the first shoots order already gone shoots the second order means bush well-developed and
  • 03:35: It is seen that since Currant was good Now developed shoots zero order not very good for the year increased For comparison, I I show another bush I planted the same spring but I decided not to cut and his mercy I received as a result of though of the same seedling like this completely turned another bush that is, Bush did not give new
  • 04:07: shoots but simply steel continue These shoots grow the year so now I do not regret and I will make them trim trim I and here these will Now that shoots narosli true small I circumcise them and
  • 04:38: for use as a as a breeding cuttings I will cut about a centimeter above the bud. must go outside and bushes and the stalk I will be used to breeding for this it should be 15-20 centimeters long I also crop the top I leave about cm above the bud
  • 05:10: at cut a little bit Well that's an angle not a lot of food I pulled the stalk so that the leaves do not I also pulled I reduce the leaf itself and Here's a stalk 15 centimeters, he is not again approach my assistant came all alma I plant currants all thanks to all
  • 05:40: bye bye alma all star Now that I stalk I will plant next to this currant do more one same stalk Here we go again incised centimeter above the bud at the top of the kidney in next year right with
  • 06:10: spring will thereby push for currant that went further shoots and zero out of order land and at the same time I blew shoots 2 well and consequently and then the third so ready to order the stalks too cut off verhushechku
  • 06:40: I do a little obliquely I am doing centimeter above the bud here this removing the leaf I reduce almost to less pulling power and a number of straight with this custom can his plant because Bush this very even not grown, and he especially It will not interfere with it I plant cuttings right next to him, I
  • 07:11: I put here rotted manure should certainly pour but as recent rains and the ground is very important, I so will I set and then I shed then here I flatten surface planting
  • 07:44: at approximately 45 degrees leaving on top of a small a piece of the stalk and that there was always I'm still wet due mower
  • 08:14: as in the spring as soon as the ground thaws they immediately take to moat need here at once will take root and so even if I These cuttings and be useful here for the can expand easy to use another truth plant elsewhere frost to maintain
  • 08:45: currant course good health and fetal wearing it states necessarily need expose pruning and pity here Our nothing to do with the bush blackcurrant should be Oct. 15 main branches necessarily different age annually land should show zero gluing them amount needed necessarily
  • 09:15: regulate and leaving two or three the most powerful and the remaining clean branches over 6 years cut to the very root leaving stumps and since my bush just went the second year I shortening their Only the top to Increase branching and necessarily fertilize their currant bushes or potato Cleaning or infusion of potatoes and so
  • 09:46: try at least once this way feeding you already never from him refuse because your black berry currant will be the size of a cherries good you crops subscribe to Channel 1 and Vacation be healthy