Galina Fomkina(Oleferenko)

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The mackerel baked in an oven with vegetables and rice. Vkusnenko.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] [applause] [music] today my plan mackerel baked in the oven in foil with vegetables vegetable is carrots and onions immediately there will be a box garnish snip mind there bags Figure we decoction bags and then add together with fish with vegetables foil and duhovochku
  • 00:30: so well, first we that we need It needs to cut head the fish tail removed wash the insides her and then I will show that will so I fish How to increase from washed I cleared cleaned insides I cut off the tails head and I divided them into 2 part
  • 01:01: it is not necessary to cut I flashed I do so divided into two parts we have fish prepared well Now for vegetables directly salt fish per hour Now we will not later Now we prepare vegetables vegetables onion carrot carrots at I already finished frozen you
  • 01:31: You can take a fresh carrots and carrots I rub on a grater on processor and I have it I am ready frozen chopped onion half rings Eric vegetables should be be sure to fry in the pan so I sliced ​​onion semicircles me It was not all cooked soup with dumpling remained So I was morkovochki it's so cut brusochkami's
  • 02:01: frozen Marcus that's all it now fry and show what to do farther [music] you do not fry necessary carrots and onions so little moult
  • 02:32: sort up light browning [music] Vodicka I boil and dialogue four round package rice granular unsteamed rounded granular Now they me
  • 03:03: will all boil I'm very like and then quickly conveniently [music] and will cook up willingness to 20 minutes so rice decoction salted water mix with carrots and onions and He gave cool that he was not hot now we do our dish [music]
  • 03:38: pour oil sunflower What are you [music] So We give it to spread do more more We lay on the bottom our garnish [music] Laid Garnett
  • 04:16: your not fat leveled Now We begin to lay our fish [music] cube randomly Now we have invested it is necessary to add salt and cable oil butter and chat here
  • 04:46: So decompose spread butter does not it should be it clean for flavor [music] What will i do on now each fish I I invest
  • 05:17: garnished so little derivative [music] top while smaller
  • 06:02: midge who [music] have fun even church [music] Now it is farm we close the foil and put in the oven minutes at 200 degrees so 3
  • 06:35: [music] [music] Here goes our fish there then if you attempt You want to open a can foil was crust they opened because Rick is dried will be from the stove as well that Fire dragged oven
  • 07:09: the smell is very pleasant [music] Now all propeklos put on a plate [music] I think he just rice juicy juicy turned
  • 07:40: [music] we'll see that We've got a fish so remove the coat that we have here to fish how she It feels so fish propeklas little seed here mackerel so why is tasty as the Well, our meal ready to cook
  • 08:11: pleasure try experiment all the best