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Beautiful bracelet from beads and beads in 2 layers "Эллегия": video lesson!  See details »

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  • 00:00: in this video tutorial I I wanted to show you how to create this that's cute bracelet bracelet is not difficult to create but in 2 stages so work hard puff it over us have but not so it's hard, but for in order to become such a bracelet to us you must first familiarize yourself with the necessary material, let's turn straight fortress and to this right now then we prepare the following materials of our bracelet beads black essentials in diameter 0 6 millimeters further beads slightly smaller than 0 5
  • 00:33: millimeters of female almost not well 1 Less Persuasion Cleanse slightly less further beads in diameter 034 millimeters clasp togl gold beads chopped cheese function of you to merchants to bite off wire and itself canopy failure to take the diameter 0 3 millimeter and so from material all the sandra said now we take we rewind our
  • 01:03: wire 8 centimeters will be I'm already enough rewind and connect two add together on one side string middle bead bead small [music] average another small and further our main bead which will be center of black in the last bead
  • 01:33: which is the main we introduce the opposite second direction side of wire tighten the alignment that was all for in the middle we fix the finger of the right hand two edges of film left send down neatly like this here stretch and we can tighten it We get more those parties left-right right side of the video here in this bead is fine In the way that
  • 02:04: deploy this bead and pull it now I will show that I I have this pulled here, see and now we are simply It was launched exactly in the center of this beads the same do with the left sides so here look and finalize another side with the same rectangles on Lower right and left right side medium bead in diameter and the last shallow
  • 02:36: bead introduced on left side wire rims country of wire we reverse direction and drag so we you turned out basis first element our foundations are such rectangle y next we will work the same do we need so such a basis and then after we will to string on top of still beautiful beads decorate and so to the left side and money on
  • 03:06: medium bead further small beads to the left side and the main bead in which we introduce two edges of the weight against two edges wire in the opposite direction and pull so unfold
  • 03:36: again our beads which is located on center through right wire side we introduce in the right beads are shallow and pulling here with left bead left part wire edge respectively in the right man is left in the left-hand side in the right spoke so tighten
  • 04:08: billy pull up continue to do same to the left side and right middle side bead and one small bead from left to right and
  • 04:39: from right to left, enter two edges it's shit yourself turned out to be such here are two elements Thus, we continue work continue and make it We will continue to do such such a foundation as long as it will not equal the diameter of our wrists but remember that we also have clasp and only takes some sort of this the same distance see 2 centimeters for only one clasp yes here we have leaves and now centimeter to the second
  • 05:10: part that is 3 centimeter on dry only on the clasp remember that's why do in diameter we need centimeters up to the desired length but we take into account that three centimeter will be scene you stitched us well, what will I do? behind the scenes I'll show you how we will still decorate our bracelet is ours again ready we went out in the last bead and we do smoete we need on top of the same, too, wire walk So we take our small beads and
  • 05:40: begin to string strings depending on Diameter of your beads now I will show how this is all to check on principle you can this is by no means an eye I do not know what is your chinese not Chinese beads so you can with any material then the same thing see us stringing 2 beads and us it will be necessary enter yes this one the beads are like this I'm about here with a seam Too much to say
  • 06:10: who really wanted to learn 3 4 5 5 beads one step psychic to another side and so we strung here all the same , three beads and a fourth bead which we with you separately one perfect side we enter into it opposite edges whether wire that is in one word like this here we will do watch this here and bend there next we need string such number of beads that came to our beads and we are right
  • 06:41: side of wire led to a large bead from right to left and left from left to right that is, string this is thinking within 4 5 beads will suffice us part take a look once two three 4 5 now let 's see I wonder how that I was talking 5 beads will be sufficient and here in the same way do like a bead
  • 07:11: 45 and now, like me and I said I enter right side wire in a large bead black on the right left that's stretched out
  • 07:52: delay and that's what I got it pull up and here such is the beauty of we get in eventually the same number of beads string again 5 beads 1 3 4 5 it's that 5 beads 1
  • 08:28: endowment 3 4 5 further we take one bead again on bottom to either side pro from wire and in reverse direction the opposite side come in church display the fact that we are with you
  • 08:58: done like this string again on three beads on left right side 1 2 3 and introduce this side wires on the right a small bead and pull up here too
  • 09:30: exactly the same 2 beads and in the opposite direction and tighten
  • 10:04: and here is the way we decorate our bracelet until the very end end of finish it and then we greet you you just clasp years before took a doppler of beads from wire is now us need to do fasteners for this we take connective rings as that angle I'm using
  • 10:35: too tight not to do i gostrey connective the ring connected put it together like this fix one of the of our bracelet between the bead and wire fix and close I will be such small chain such here further open
  • 11:08: our last connective a ring on it attach our one side of the fastener and close closed here one rest fasteners and the same thing do with the second fastener side Link another here's the third
  • 11:39: connect our we fix the ringlet him on the other hand this way here
  • 12:14: we fastened the clasp and she 's fine with us will be closed and so bracelet from us turned out to be so that's the way it looks if you like this video lesson please put their husky subscribe our channel and if you that it was not clear on the course of work be sure ask questions we we will be happy to answer them and help you create similar decorations that while I with you I say goodbye and this the master class was
  • 12:44: was created specifically for site we also expect you guests on our site in order to see even more interesting master classes both in this money handcrafts and perfectly the opposite well what do I say goodbye to you to new meetings till