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  • 00:00: Now I'll show you how performed without cutting legal coat with single cut sleeve and gusset Cloth folded in half face to face but fold fabric made across it along true if the fabric pile it will have to cut every detail separately compliance with common and pile direction and so I'm doing well
  • 00:32: dexterity I spend the first vertical an auxiliary line corresponding common thread and attaching vertical angle spend it perpendicular line on which stop horizontal cut from him, and now I I will be the first dance Line the bottom line I digress from
  • 01:02: stopping the cut on the hem and spend horizontal her down measure product length whether to bottom which can be called length skirt I spend horizontal either from the waist down 18 centimeters hips and thighs up by back length and I get source line and back up from waist
  • 01:32: high tank sprout width depth curve middle seam I digress on the bottom three centimeters and connect with the lower point sprout I prolong the line bottom one Now centimeter I restrict back on reservoir levels and thighs taking into account the gain I spend vertical side seam backrest width
  • 02:04: shoulder. at intersection length of the radius arm with Dart and bp drop in the rise in shoulder pads shoulder point combine with the germ and we get attention subsidiary shoulder cut you know that rose design lap-GOVERNMENTAL sleeves and Rigla contact shoulder seam moves forward
  • 02:34: there is then a reference to the the pattern has finished on the screen and I I continue to undercut Spilka 1 . on the side seam 2 on the tank level connect and charge and with the obtained point radius width sleeves back then make a mark move on already raised shoulder point out and A tangent
  • 03:05: in the arc execution and radius Ren sleeves and back limit tangent length sleeves verification of conduct perpendicular to the bottom sleeves and immediately We find elbow level exactly halfway this segment down and elbow width is now sleeves and on elbow the bottom of the elbow funds I make out smoothly through
  • 03:35: the points obtained bottom curve sleeves I make out too smoothly Tuck is on shoulder digress from 1 to 5 1 centimeters. divide in half cut determines the width back then the axillary
  • 04:05: angles and connect with then the first point noting solution I tuck He laid both on shoulders deduce itself tuck and back ready built on a bun their other edges should also limit line not to go to the marriage
  • 04:35: tissue and stop tissue sections from which begins drawing held around the edges Vertical will not line Troy and a single cut sides retreat 10 centimeters selection and 5 centimeters fastener and spend side edge line and God's nose and now on the hood and flew thighs tank
  • 05:05: I note I put near you hydrochloric back edge and simply prolong horizontal lines original find of measure the length of the shelves I note the center of the chest to complete so
  • 05:35: I called grid need side point under vigorous I save on calculating the width of the hips and the width of the level of tank I spend through them vertical Now I can draw fragments side seam and and go in neck neck width depth curve and ready to move on
  • 06:05: chest darts the first line of darts shoulder indentation in the back I connect with the center Breast Tuck solution Measurement difference chest width minus 2 cm 2 lines darts Measuring length 1 both lines Tuck
  • 06:35: I make out smoothly Now I drop a shoulder seam on the same value in which back of its increased position of the vertex the angle of the two with the Padre half cm lateral seam obtained from point sleeves and arc width from shoulder point respect and to this arc length tangentially measured on the back 5 and shorter
  • 07:05: millimeters elbow position as measured by the width of the back sleeves at this level one or two centimeters later than the drawing and the width of the backrest the bottom is the same like the back sleeve refine upper section sleeve top expanding one cm at the bottom We memorize legalize smoothly as you can see sleeve contact
  • 07:36: therefore, allowance will not add have to adjust gore if the coat zipper top to the shelf It can be considered finished if you like me collar type English ax outline on the floor point drift convergence shelves and then bend lapel note crest line
  • 08:06: lapel passes in one centimeter from side point neck final shape lapel can be given on fitting course at cutting desirable draw a long English area and in the desired form so I it on to Church shelf and then to carry out projects on other side of fold line but the collar undesirable edge Now as the Lacko will form the
  • 08:37: further elaborated on fitting Now as crotch better perform it on paper and circle on cloth this will help reduce area but will fall out that's all cut immediately with Seam and cutting coat finished miss Lessons for dubbing and in the rear with you was faith until Olkhovskaya