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  • 00:00: [music] a district of the city very simple and Ballroom on and on my tree for its preparation it's time we boiled beet small salted nursery pickled on salty I 2 small onions
  • 00:31: or one large boiled chicken breast and to that on crimson hearing we need vinegar, salt and sugar coriander, black pepper shirt and let start cooking start with the fact that the pickle for this will cut his tone for pickling onions we need for teaspoon salt and
  • 01:01: sugar with slide three tablespoons of vinegar nine percent and half a glass of water and all this we stir and We leave on time while we chop and cooled chicken breast does not chop to dismantle such fibers [music]
  • 01:33: disassembled fiber group We put some capacity we continue to do lettuce cut into a pumpkin breakages [music] it will pass set aside aside We begin to cut and
  • 02:04: you them too straws [music] will you have compress excellent pitching [music] it is also a thread [music] just act juice which we Pickled we must overcome by his marinade Now I have a salad
  • 02:41: I add a teaspoon let's add folder black pepper [music] and with a teaspoon slide I coriander coriander see ground is he sold visibility mow people to search it must be crushed good spoon assembly ground coriander note
  • 03:13: salad so I do not Salts as I have the salty cuke I like chicken sadila He said plus salty mayonnaise, salt and I do not you can add add after you show dressings and available stir and [music] adding [music] I repeat Black without sorrow you You can survive for your liking Mayonnaise on the basis of
  • 03:44: half of that youtube is somewhere out there [music] a thoroughly mixed It became necessary to give him brew for at least hour and thus can eat finished preparation rustic phthalates he is very happy Delicious as it verified very simple and the composition of ingredients and on time cooking
  • 04:14: I greet you to prepare a It was the first of appetite and all the good