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How to glue plastic soda \/ the freezer door Burst  See details »

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  • 00:00: a All the good time the day we drove to Online workshop channel today I will repair door from freezers Atlas and specifically here it is Now crack normally not Do not put anything
  • 00:31: in the freezer and mom respectively I put some effort and cap I broke here Drill hole in the end cracks that it I did not go further and now I will be glued will not need a good super-glue
  • 01:01: ordinary baking soda and bormashinka with cutter Here is such a conical Of course, without bormashinki all will a little harder on basically really general problem of what from the inside choose a wheelbarrow full face worse to eat more and that the angle and was
  • 01:32: fill the nipple super glue to reinforcement of soda so proceed Now I will take another mill video of this here
  • 02:05: Ball is certainly but less quality in this case it will be convenient to work plastic here it is hard enough there is inelastic forming
  • 02:42: Run Now is generally cleaned to stuck together directly material they want sauce Here is such a about should you turn and the plastic about three millimeters deep well, almost through We noted in millimeters
  • 03:15: two, two and a half I made you and what then everything is very simply elementary soda and paste I stress once again super glue needed they take good the cheapest and a thin layer crackers glue in our
  • 03:46: bone and plentifully sprinkle the whole thing soda Soda does not regret can take buy as many as three meetings like yesterday court super-glue to
  • 04:16: Do not you dare fingers later that to remove excess salt so here it is
  • 04:48: looks Come on building up farther Here is such a as a simple way Practice shows that in
  • 05:20: times safer than glue glue hustle in this melancholy without soda is obtained burn fast and yes and followed by capacity you will at times increase bonding area compound
  • 05:53: very room she safer and stronger So here it is here at We went up to the product I boosted even a little higher than you can flush it all
  • 06:23: zapolirovat but it absolutely not urgent just a little bit and sharinga but I do not want scratch version on forumskaya Archer So you were on the canal Online workshop who is not clearly ask issues if comments the video was helpful
  • 06:54: and you liked it to put the Huskies new appointments a atomy