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  • 00:00: Good day dear I'm glad to see friends your favorite channel Finca today I you will share very unusual the original method how do I get rid mole prehistory a little of this Once we are on dinner cooked mashed herring and I brushed natural I made a fish head He shot in a garden hoping that the dog iii Congress but the dog He told me to eat themselves and their stuff so this fish left wallowing in the garden
  • 00:30: a few days and I think about it and forgot a few days accordingly, this fish start to rot and issue very odor and I went up to the kitchen garden I did not like it I decided to throw her dig but at the same time I turned note that I there were some Fresh piles of the moles which, moreover, time very fetched me with Now these here gorami excavated earth I spoil my plants
  • 01:01: I once again angry already at Mole said today I will feed you dug Anar stuck there that stinking head herring and buried forgot my surprise to the next day fresh piles were not and they are not on still left with a mole my site with the then I took this method adopt and Now I share with you we are We are for beyond my portion is not portion of this approach to Our site and a My cat walks expired
  • 01:31: fish smells here he walks why I I rented the video here because the area I have a mole Krasavin no more for many years but here Here is a new or it is selected may be my vegetable moles who are afraid to dig hole on a site here but do not overlook the fact at least now I have you all I show you what I'm doing I Now I take this pile well neatly What else can Boards can be
  • 02:01: you just have shoot here and so All this bunch that's quite straight from the tin see from the top dried up and there to the to the base like this We remove our task find the entrance rented gently and this Now you see here in Now she is the middle Now it will be a hole Now I am taking a thin stick and neatly tapping this coli find entrance Norwood
  • 02:33: here and so I try less land fill and now as he himself move can go horizontally and the output the surface may be quite different site from the entrance I you need this stick appear and look at what place you see here here here does not go wand but it went to see this is what I told you so but stick went to the there came the course here horizontally and here I came to the surface Now I'm doing here so that's cleared
  • 03:04: stick over there here or heard clearing wand Now still a time here and so on shovel zemelku to fish head I went prepared already head today We had dinner mashed potatoes with herring here Now I take the head the fish here and so trimmed enough one head and and nose and there I now about the spot deep deep there we poke here
  • 03:34: and so very well hard because he about all all all all all held wand yet back to all it failed to Input all now I I take what I do stone I plug a stone's to mache dumplings common here I plug pebble OK that if suddenly he here it suits him It could not be push out all but this land to
  • 04:05: I that I I shovel it back here sprinkled Now in this way Now, it is desirable I trample foot Now will not to mark time camera are all now and so it is desirable good good foot trample the morning Vat on all friends This whole operation that will be completed happens next herring hitting head the ground will
  • 04:36: putrefy gradually buried wet it is, it is not It dries quickly in the same time have access the air because rot without air impossible and since mole branched moves the network respectively all these Hud somewhere elsewhere it maybe there is a way And there I see it over there far out where the cat you walk over there he probably will not be seen another bunch here look there meters 30 and probably because extensive network
  • 05:06: air passages respectively moves underground in these passages there will be contribute slow degradation rotting here this here herring head why it is better to lay down they head fish innards because the head will rot slowly because she covered with gills so here are horny a thick layer that does not It gives her a very fast rot and gradually this one stinking sickening smell will be spread all passages and mole simply just not
  • 05:36: carries the smell rotting decomposing residues and he leaves with I have your garden I advise you not to kill these animals Still they bring many benefits they aerate the ground digging tunnels underground they destroy and medvedok and all wearing such insects crawling there are all kinds of which can damage the roots of our plants so it's best just pure and that's how I
  • 06:06: You do drive them from your site and if you will be use this method I hope more than a mole to your site is not go down but can be he goes to the neighbors well that is already they are struggling with themselves their cities well Now my dear Friends believe that process is very I'm on a very effective not for me not seen and not heard It can be simply sought if someone on It did not know I hope to try he will be very helpful in fight these animals on this I I say goodbye to you all you good to
  • 06:36: goodbye