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  • 00:00: [music] hello today I'll make a very delicious gentle air and light garlic dumplings recipe is very very simple and you let's enjoy prepare preparing I tasty potatoes potato dough boiled slices We need good potoloch stack or kill in a blender This recipe is the monks of monastery dough
  • 00:32: get a very gentle air and very long stays it is a fresh approach for pampushek for pies for cakes in general for any baking and you can even toast to this Kinski the dough can be put at night and in the morning The finished dough turn into a lush ready pies well potolkli potatoes I've cooked potatoes bit prisolit Now add
  • 01:03: broth broth not simply pour merge into a separate bowl and mash well ruim To obtain such a Here Turia liquid puree or kiselek always try on salt leave to cool to mash was lukewarm and while puree is cool loans from friends take dry or in my the case of live yeast add half a spoons of sugar a little
  • 01:33: conventional hot water letter to 70 grams and well their solutions and also left on the table to raise is a small cap and will be our pair George and a little broth cooled add here salt a little more Sahara tablespoon all it is good to stir add all the broth
  • 02:03: vegetable oil knead the dough I sifted flour always add a spoon starch or monkey starch and semolina very well loosens the dough makes it lush and air look what air mass get it right breathing even without yeast excellent bezoparnym
  • 02:34: dough that can be leave and leave Now at night add here our ie yeast brew who rose knead well and add remaining flour flour can go or a little more, and see if the dough too tight and add a little pour water the remaining oil first batter knead in the tank
  • 03:04: knead it under his on the table in ten minutes well kneaded the dough does not stick to hands the ball to roll down closable seam and lay down shiva greased vegetable Cover container cling film and send to hour and a half to proofing in a warm I usually place This oven or microwave in
  • 03:34: I turn on the oven I put a light bulb light bulb microwave I I am typing just a cup with boiling water and put near the batter asked in exactly one hour and take a look at our dough if not pack it she'd just got out form and slightly powder table and we will form Now it is alive and beautiful
  • 04:07: [music] We roll down first round balls closable and spread on powder her desk We use flour as the dough is a little sticks to the hands I drive up Cover with a cloth leave just ten minutes is now necessary sprinkle with flour table
  • 04:37: We take each patty stretching I folded along in half and twisting spread on greased baking flour greased oil and floured [music] Cover with foil
  • 05:08: baking test and We put it in a warm place again in the same oven for proofing somewhere 40 minutes until our dumplings are not increase in volume in 2-3 good dumplings grew at a rate of take the yolk dilute half with water and top smazhem dumplings and send in the already heated oven at 200 degrees until ready dumplings should redden ready to set up
  • 05:38: check my skewer oven for cannon baked for 20 minute look at all your oven We reach from the oven and usually always leave on a wet towel so that they well away from sprinkle form We need a little top water and cover towel reserve to almost full cooling and until cool dumplings I took a big 4 garlic zubochka He added half a a bit of salt
  • 06:09: Can not cumin cumin add it all went I wish now well you need to grind thing or end of a spoon that garlic is good Now let the juice add the dill and too all peretrom Now with garlic dill juice and allocate giving a pleasant aroma It can be just a little bit add water and was diluted to
  • 06:39: a lot can be wet add vegetable oil literally dining room spoon can also add melted butter literally grams twenty and well again grind in a mortar We get out of shape and have chilled ready pastries abundantly grease and garlic greenery Well well, it remains just try
  • 07:09: flavor goes throughout the apartment is impossible stand see what they fluffy light soft this test is not very long stay fresh and someone really like down [music] and our meal is ready, I I think that it is you really like
  • 07:39: cook with me and everything will be you quickly and easily delicious subscribe to our leave your channel no comments forget about bell in the right upper right corner to receive alerts the release of the channel new video pleasant your appetite with you I was Irina White until we meet again my dear [music] [music]
  • 08:14: [applause] [music] [applause] [music]