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How just to make dense, home-made ketchup for the winter. Simpler does not happen.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello again preparations for the winter I will make ketchup if you like ketchup that there was no seed without kozhurki tell how previously it It has done that is all ingredients tomatoes and onion and apple cut into small You fail a couple of hours to some a bowl then wipe all through a sieve or through juicer add spices sugar salt various seasonings and even cook in the oven I was not ready then
  • 00:30: principally to It was a homogeneous Oil nothing I came across so I will not wipe do nothing and so just take 2 a kilogram of tomatoes tomatoes desirable such ripe Mrs. well, what are you in such Does anyone have something I here is more just see they are here and with black All these gadgets it is cut cut 2 apples 2 onions if strictly
  • 01:02: in grams e.g. someone adheres to Recipe 250 grams green apple varieties 250 grams of onions all I'll cut and mill Components prepared brushed apples rind removed removed core now all together may be on the queue without a difference on the grinder ready
  • 01:39: one party take a vessel in which You will cook Quichua see what It obtained a master thick Why do so because it will not help wipe anything density that's all saved get ketch thick in general, everything like that We are doing everything Grind and put in the middle fire will stir where some 30 to 40 minutes cook until not add nothing came together
  • 02:10: to peel tomatoes and sea stones so where the minutes forty or fifty Cook Time look what density is obtained it boiled down here It was this much in the clear without cover all that was more homogeneous but if I take the blender No, you can not take it just here and so are not scratching the pan and So on top of the bottom little Peremel all blender
  • 02:42: not all peremololi brushing does not scratch but I repeat You get the look practically uniformly only one Bone well it insignificantly perfect for me so beauty then take the floor tablespoon salt if a little in the process you can try and add ie each in its own taste 75 grams Sahara
  • 03:12: same can be add someone loves more sweet and I take 3 clove not just grinds so if then fall in you can simply remove Stir and more boil well, minutes thirty forty to bring to a density which you need over medium heat as the Once you have achieved I desired thickness I add a teaspoon of taking spoon red pepper can
  • 03:42: black in general, as you I enjoy a little bit even smaller and take apple cider vinegar 6 percent add 3 tablespoons if you do vinegar nine per cent of the one two tablespoons spoon on a the amount of ketchup all mix look what density I
  • 04:12: Of course it turned out little fires when you and Uvaev Remember the shadow stir to bottom I do not burn and and said somewhere minutes 30 Now to such status if you We need a very mean cook and even longer time even two three-minute retinal pizza River sauce and pepper turn off all ready poured into jars here this August there
  • 04:43: It turns out to have been I gave up a consistency is not necessary strictly stick prescription at adding salt and sugar because Everyone has their own taste some salt over He loves someone acidic someone sweet so individual every time when ready to stand add something even the way recipes repeat banks
  • 05:14: sterilized and cover too sterilized close or twisting or such through the machine cover if in jars We put great under the coat to complete Now here's the cool down Jars I 500 grams so it is written two kilograms tomatoes turns 3500 gram jar and half yet it is the same bank Now once we sit still
  • 05:45: again shows density Now, such a conventional eat right taste delicious to me like I brought to such a taste I need the recipe all write how much I which one you do do to your taste salt sugar and any spices as you can see recipe completely complex simple at least in all the dishes one pan while I prepare He is preparing for ketchup it's time to cook dinner's all fast
  • 06:15: just the most important thing delicious to all new meetings until