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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: good afternoon today i I will show how a pear is planted on wild pear with the help of inoculation secateurs we take the necessary the branch that is here left of the pear and cut off her
  • 00:32: and then we take and do section in the dock then we take width of the desired grade we cut off two kidneys as usual it's a and combine we combine
  • 01:12: stock with a scion on this stock and the prick is clearly visible as combined and two kidneys 1 and 2 after which we take Conventional electrical tape white i
  • 01:42: use in order so that black does not warmed up or polyethylene the package is rewound together inoculations tightly wrapped the most important thing is that skin straight and in pairs was exactly aligned that's all it turns out and now remains
  • 02:12: cover the wound with a garden to avoid drying out of our cuttings that's the whole vaccine is ready see what will happen to her over time will get accustomed to or not under the visual we see
  • 02:45: on the work done under a fixed tape for so as not to fall moisture Our graft and two kidneys of which then get out one of which will be consist of a central conductor tree today is March 30 2013 of the year let's see through some time that
  • 03:16: will be as will develop a tree farther it's been two months now and we see which increase my friend from two kidneys went two new victories one escape can be remove as it is simple takes the food of another leave for the future tree trunk on
  • 03:46: place of vaccination already unfolded insulating tape look how the vaccines grew together excellent excellent merging and this is the here for two months increased increment of centimeters 40 all the wild ones on the trunk can be removed
  • 04:17: so as not to glance over all the energy excess food for this the cannon is growing let's see further as positions Here comes autumn Today, October 14, we we can see on what height was able to grow and
  • 04:47: pear about a meter and we will see from a distance coalescence is excellent china is good it is visible here she that measure vaccination against knife and good strong words of leaves
  • 05:20: already turned yellow what to wear so that arm yourself inoculum messiah catarrh and forward to spit trees to all thank you for attention