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How to make gif animation. Free Video to GIF Converter program  See details »

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  • 00:00: when video to gif converter Hello offer your attention a program that from video from any video gif animation makes it a useful tool which can to use for convert any video to gif animation English but friendly interface simple clear if seeing too long you can cut out it
  • 00:30: You can ask the height and width of the file and file Well, in general download from I link this site I leave in the description below the video you need click on the word still in large letters unfold description We will be written download free software video to gif converter brings on my blog from my You go to a blog this site click download green button if the reserve download does not start
  • 01:01: Click here was downloaded installer close the browser two clicks run the installer start up next next next next [music] install the finish appeared program shortcut and window opens
  • 01:31: program despite English simple interface Step 1 Step 2 download video find the video here a second with a how long for what time do you want ie do SIFCO must first watch video decide on this time at that time, I I want to make them and here to set start time
  • 02:01: and end time Lefke be size is best perhaps optimally 700 but here it is proportional setted let Now Download Video Select the video to computer with which we want GIFCA make here it is loaded The default here It puts 160 wear will this little somewhere We put 700,800 here
  • 02:32: to 800 of depending on our the size of it's boiling point 3 aspect comply as a proportion frames per second but reserve for default Well, let it be from scratch 30 seconds is possible to choose 40 seconds is next [music] Now Step 2
  • 03:02: here quality normal and perfectly Well, let's excellent but there should be put size can be try so and so excellent quality at on the volume will be big size large file will we see here save as video source click Makiev We call it as we we want to keep YWCA was created
  • 03:43: asks open file we are not going to Let's see as the volume of its 67 megabytes, we velikovata course 607 megabytes can try normal Well, let's put see what we it turned out well, basically normal me on the quality of here are the best
  • 04:16: normal car chase will deliver not less than 67 megabytes Here such unpretentious program free video to gif converter to generate gif-animation contact classmates other social social networks write reviews about this program who enjoyed such settings used questions comments in writing Insert comments thumbs up if I liked the video or
  • 04:46: thumbs down if the video did not like subscribe to Thanks to all Channel good luck all bye