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  • 00:00: the more the choice of topics it is more difficult to choose legs for Tanya Litvinovy today our expert will tell you how choose the right one blender hello my dear three techniques wog have such a sinful when we arrive at shop sellers often promise us golden mountains and sells space ships that can do absolutely everything when we arrive home then I understand that our blender the first second
  • 00:30: burned down because we put before him some impossible task as me told a friend mom bought a blender and when she was promised that he will meat grind better than meat grinder she came home tried it and immediately his spoiled it turned out most to blame today we demonstrate four basic types which you can meet in any store and tell what for what designed when you I was told that you teach me how to choose assistant in the kitchen I introduced that you you will come from your army fans who
  • 01:00: will try to you somehow help me well and me at the same time sometimes of course on kitchen man happens very good my assistant is mine favorite for example he says what to do onion 0808 which device cope better than beloved man but there are such processes which perform better aggregates so what 's the difference between these blenders me this blender with a bowl he usually goes with glass bowl with plastic bowl it is designed for to do in him cocktails neck muses correctly him
  • 01:31: call a shaker the second kind is grind them he happens to such here bulb on top goes such a nozzle is this motor the third kind is submersible blender it goes usually with a glass in a set and correspondingly immersed there and what would be there for grinds and 4 it already such a mini combo I have it is bundled with the same always is it is necessary here such here's a glass and here's a here is the cup that is it in fact, this Here's a blender and that's it. such in one you can several functions
  • 02:01: to fulfill still is in bundle goes here such is the corolla for whipping something like proteins are nuance of different knives blenders this one about him a knife consists from four parts criss-cross and they watch different hand and down at the same knives shredders that is it is designed for in order to seize large spaces around you and not just chop mashed potatoes but also more a challenge will cope with chop meat now we are with you we will understand all blender copes
  • 02:31: best come on start our experiment until now let's try to do super we grind soft products with some volume it will be the first experiment of the three results we we fix in table behind you where we summarize our with you experiments we will simultaneously yes yes you cope with their two I'm with my devices you will prompt send here some vegetables are not all send your not all is my big
  • 03:01: there you can and everything is straight send need for it's poured in there broth otherwise it can not cope with this task it's enough like here by sight determine which amount here to pour look here there is a maximum level to which you can put product required need to pour carcasses broth here what are we preparing from now on ? something like soup-puree than blenders are different the size of a bowl of tacis cook for yourself that either you small child and choose the bowl less that is so you are so she will be quite it's enough or such chopper if same
  • 03:31: the family needs more process a large number of products redeem the blender we will proceed to our experiment at the same time before him the same task do this on once two three times two three now come on see what showed our experiment guys in my all equally loud yes it's their little
  • 04:01: a disadvantage which is im absolutely sorry lenses that work which they carry out it is clear that the density different but turned simply because I added increased on liquid yes we and not measured as we see it all blenders coped with his task 4 blender coped with the task he did great a fine soup puree and we put him here plus in this table yes and we put him a plus that is, with this task he is beautiful blender coped number 3 also sumptuously chopped vegetables in mashed potatoes and also gets
  • 04:31: rus they shredded everything vegetables with liquid in the same substance and blender number one unconditionally made it perfect look what ideal consistency, he also whipped did this air as something like that due to the fact that his elongated high form and crosswise These here are acquired by what I he told you raises does its more airy this mass I have him yet so Littel I'll put a plus here so that we do not forget how he was in this business good if you have little babes are you cook
  • 05:01: baby food here this blender coping with this the task is simple great what else we will set the tasks our blender often buying blender sellers say that this chop the blender meat that is you do not will need a meat grinder now we are we will put before them such a problem and find out how it is the truth and so the task number two chop the meat we we send here on I'll put some meat in my boldly post everything meat here is a bowl
  • 05:31: We'll send a smaller one half probably even well or great part of this I would not eat meat at all sent pieces but we are for the sake of purity experiment this we will make this costumes we will not add we will put 3 slices so that at least there was something there from the sword the situation is the same with By this blender, I would did not do this at all this blender is very thin plastic wings how could we not break absolute dante right what do you think enough here meat so much to put or I also think that enough times we already
  • 06:01: in it put the meat there probably too with brother let's try, let's go let's try and that's how we risk blender world for you that you understood which choose dependencies from what you are tasks ahead of you before the machinery I'm waiting for your instructions boss 12 full start that we'll see how coped and not with its task my blender which I
  • 06:31: did not want to put meat number three immediately into small veins and stuck in knives and turned out that some part of it all the rest of the meat is just did not want to go on grind this blender does not is designed to to grind the meat which means that we put a big minus he's good just he created for another we put the task of grinding meat next blender with a large he coped with the cup large volume of meat
  • 07:01: and crushed it beautifully from this stuffing can be done cutlets can be made steak that is, we set him plus now blenders that I included him, too. coped with such a task than the bigger the knife the better cope well here such a task is one the knife looks like this that is, he does not created for grinding meat then have this blender the task one small nuance about which you need be sure to say when you buy this blender give away on read attentively instruction as rule these blenders intended for
  • 07:31: to grind something small in small portions and very quickly work no more than one minute after this should be turned off and do fifteen-minute break otherwise, he will burn otherwise he will speak if you want to this blender chop 3 kilogram of meat then you just throw it away university but if there is a small house child who needs fast fresh cook something starting from fruit or vegetable puree before bowl is perfect option and option is quite true and We have this behold shaker who wanted to make of meat
  • 08:03: cocktail but he does not have it turned out they remained here such here viscous meat crushed but this meat is not intended so that from it make cutlets they will be tasteless when this is so noisy worked it seemed that its just for the sake of here I put it minus but he is not to blame, he is not he is guilty for another is intended there are here such here submersible blenders two types of one kind metal foot another of plastic agassi you immerse this blender in hot soup you need necessary to watch that the plastic was heat-resistant here
  • 08:33: triple knife all Blades look in one side and theoretically, he would could grind the meat but it is not intended in order to grind meat then there is a submersible blender can not be crushed meat in the end it turns out how however powerful he was not well, what do we have helper who meat finely grinds we noted this and us next experiment and what is it we will be with you grind something firm here we are take the hardest that only you can come up to let if these blenders cope with the ice then
  • 09:03: they will cope with carrots and apple and nuts and so experiment number 3 led I do not recommend repeat the same experiments at home and simply to spoil the device it turns out that we like time for this experiment and conduct that you do not had to take risks your household all ice you can pledge lay it all down will know intrigue and intrigue here tanush puts everything in
  • 09:33: this is not much fit so I I will not be with you a few slices of you can you simultaneously I will do this take turns because the cup needs hold hands 123 so that some in my opinion completely out of your experiment the shaker failed task because we
  • 10:03: with him put wrong he is designed to to do cervical here the liquids there is no ice solid and nuts and carrot it will not crush but everything same justice for the sake of that if we make a cocktail with ice tones project of course of course you need back pour liquid here he gets a minus before as for the second so you do not he went out beautifully coped with his task and crushed hard ice and accordingly crush all other solid products as far as my
  • 10:33: submersible blender he does not the ice cured was so he stayed and the last is beautiful coped with his task and crushed ice almost in snow in total our selection of blenders rooms 1 is beautiful coped with the task mashing mashed potatoes that is, he is beautiful and will prepare the cervix Cocktails and soups-puree it is his purpose it for this was done
  • 11:03: very important power this blender can be not very powerful from 200 watts it is very copes well with its task the cost of such blender from 300 UAH still have these blenders there was a novelty photo function self-cleaning you can go to if clean water include self-cleaning function he cleans himself and red is a good plus it's a pity that we can not its here to note yes I'm completely with you agree as to numbers 2 he is beautiful coped with all three tasks which before them put that is
  • 11:34: this blender optic is universal for very small portions must be reversed attention to something from which is placed on the bowl because that the glass much more convenient practice do not eat on Look, here we are cover this cup glass bulb and can send directly here in this form it's all in the fridge or microwave usually such blenders sold in the kit with special cover your clothes here plastic cap send it all stored in refrigerator such Blenders should be power at least 350 watt so that they like this that's good coping with all set before
  • 12:05: they can be it is good to cut carrot potatoes such the same small cubes the cost of such blender from 300 400 hryvnia submersible blender very good coping with soft products if you need to grind soft products are you often you do it this blender will be you are quite powerful enough from this blender though would be from 450 watts better of course take already for 600 that is it is more powerful than this one although this copes with a large number
  • 12:35: vertices probably if he is less powerful will cost about 300 even 200 UAH if power already starts from 500 600 then it's already 500 600 hryvnias still do not see what kind of he is advantage over compared to this that's blender when you are chopping something let's say you do pate hepatic yes you push on and you see what pieces are not crushed and you are already can this regulate and control here same to somewhere here is a piece stuck sideways to you you need to open it
  • 13:05: will play mix and the process of renewing how can I make three or even four times here it is possible do immediately and leave the 4 most big and probably the most powerful is submersible blender with a glass of metal foot with good power with a good knife that is he is very good copes with its tasks of the submersible blender it more durable for this blender after all will wear out legs with time they can from the well and get some from your soups-puree this is unpleasantly important
  • 13:35: advantage of this submersible metal blender in that that at there is such a that's wonderful bowl in the set and there is a corolla and our last flask which you and I today very often used The alternative is this here's the club she also performs similar functions such a kit is worth from 800 UAH can be even more in dependence manufacturer sum up our today's experiment choose blenders of course you need to needs what
  • 14:05: the problem must be solved such an assistant on the kitchen will be thanks and which time saw with you put before our experts specific task you will get an effective and practical advice now we are all understand how to choose blender according to tasks