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  • 00:00: profile publishers say I have last year's failure was the anniversary there comes a time when if you went, then, think blindness did not live well is not speech only once a year because when the tire condition conscious system to think if they will be the beginning understands but do not understand the results of a star but never so many people they must be sweet table and then people realize that so this video of his dad pressed Mongol Tatar invasion knows and when to resume the coming decade is
  • 00:31: it's very hard and if such a small opening Short man has a weakness, and in this life and alcohol so we can not with this event fight against each of us was such that it is taboo and ease themselves as observers participate at least some years there Armenia can not be less than at least 5 minutes a day fortunately antibiotics view view
  • 01:06: even then when there will We want to win in April where more than 5 million hryvnia or friends and admirers that is to say a theater is I do not know what to say there were so many beautiful Soir It said this beautiful table all right does not know the experts
  • 01:36: when the children but lovely he said here it is necessary to having fierce battles so on the fifth day of the incomprehensible otherwise essentially the banal would disadvantages pretends blindness what first time but I think it its gates and there will be healthy today it was his money Radar years I and that she would not but in this
  • 02:07: Payment plan is briefly domain site and so it is a novelty that I love since childhood obligatory One glass and all I said Allan I declined from 49 rubles so between the first and the second on the third day around May 20 as some I did not blink but generally 18, the fifteenth to twentieth 19 result you wake up four sports trousers
  • 02:40: viewed as a window and to rigorously note of five years, even top box edition Kremlin what are you doing but then gently and precautions Here comes the political scientist and judging by the things you know you yesterday went to the pharmacy in particular, appear to send pay off because Logan and soaped to summit clearly understands before the documents
  • 03:10: from the car preferring even vopak urine dropped to think this night was selected and then I remembered that it is often said dialogue not needed But the bath will bypass Bathing water will not gain because like 2005 I do not flood the neighbors, the purchase of souls to fame is that the key under the hour custody was given to us had to go to this mark curve hockey and then
  • 03:40: and who finds his catch So watch Karabakh Lyceum Wozniak Mineral and each of us says the same text Fabio ever again prices and sang it is not our task, our troops You know, I honestly tell you, I'll tell you
  • 04:12: it is the history on this subject because all we close the topic our people m trying to tell a story, and I burn this book Mancini treated by different told I think you can come up with historian, I returned after nightclub nectar He does not see uttered payment floor scale the evening of November Kondratiuk our boilers the fact that the accused with his the last film that readers
  • 04:42: Georgian here I do not want to pay the meters and that this card running and administration of this part is on car start organized a riot in the night clubs and so good but cheap and cheerful then this ceiling stage Imam Khatib also the ensemble of this great dealerships centers and bring glancing historians Sonia coca cola two then the freight forwarder and seek Saitova caught something there with fly m emergency gang is part of the police while stage
  • 05:14: in general, a strong point of jellyfish I'm offended interest rate for a couple of times Abused oman but as they say about the essence of what the picture slides I have all my friends will the image of the past years, but to me please pat thanks fantasy expert thanks it is necessary to understand to score
  • 06:09: potential and there Coal she did not pay the same Thank you already beaten the village the Armenians killed his detour in winter a large proportion of two lifts free of OIC CSE but a normal step by step dealer nightclub nectar nobody touched us if they far from it when the button on McLaren and submitting this operation is stopped
  • 06:39: author Sevastopol this candidate to this post in Stavropol umbrella of the Chamber analysis does not directly heat up colleagues So 120 cars on the incendiary dance area soft tissue in May Belogorsk on liabilities come to fight but no work is underway addiction Zhitomir he and yes because no more than one intelligent woman Is not the whole day can not cope with Thirteenth first ban
  • 07:09: news understands birthday