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  • 00:00: I start to practice meditation take comfortable position body in space let your body It is comfortable and comfortable, cover eyes and focus on the your breath watch how your breath calm and smoothly into the same calm and smooth and soft exhale, feel that you breathe deeply
  • 00:30: feeling himself in security feeling comfortable state at the level of the body to level and your thoughts internal let all the experiences too much and do not need let all that go away prevents you let what It distracts you usually Now it will not matter and the most important for you will be your
  • 01:00: internal state and the only one with this the date will be for you making important breaths be aware of how you gradually calm down gradually you It is becoming so quiet and comfortable peacefully in the place where you are that you really You begin to understand
  • 01:32: that from this moment you open and it becomes available greater feeling and sensual just knowing the world breathe feeling his body making inhaling and exhalations trusting life trusting energy trusting the forces leading you life trusting stylus which led you to
  • 02:02: that point to this instant your life feel that you open the door open the door to a new life open the door to new space for growth and change continuing to breathe comfortable soft Feel his living body from the top to the fingertips
  • 02:35: hands and feet to the position you You are currently feel as the internal screen emerges It is becoming more a clear image of your body Viti your body in the same position in the space who took exactly the same position as you are now focus on the this way feel like now
  • 03:06: relaxed body your body becomes maximally susceptible to change energy streams and tuning is now its recovery and healing on thin and physical planes in Viti in the domestic screen as your body It begins to feed warm knitted hot coming from the stream
  • 03:38: center of the earth very hot core our planet as how this flow fills you see how this flow feeding you starts intertwine rising from the center land at your feet, and swirls around you you feel the heat sense of warmth
  • 04:09: which envelops you you feel and perceive that heat and warmth this flow and skin while you You feel like inside you is warm feel as a hot stream It is becoming more hot more scorching but absolutely safe for you feel like streams
  • 04:40: heat flux heat twist around you spiral rising from the bottom up the healing fire cauterize your not brought to cauterize the end of the case your old emotional removes the problem removes old fears feelings of resentment sickness you feel
  • 05:10: as those of your connection people who are you only only disappointment loss of energy is now cauterizing and in this burning flows absolutely safe for you do you feel how to burn all the past you do not need It goes on unnecessary Plastov your Nosta old experiences spread ideas your samoedstvo your
  • 05:41: uncertainty of it all is combusted in a cleaning fire take a deep feel like a breath exhalation and burn dissolve without a trace your space destructive negative feelings and all the things that attracted you in the past feel like within this hot hot you begin to flow
  • 06:11: feel that appeared space for your transformation and in this space Now there you are accumulate warm hot energy which will be help you continuing to breathe feel as your changes already occurred Now thin plan the universe is trying to help you send
  • 06:42: cool stream walking from the center universe that envelops you not converge on you from above through the crown Spinning threading spiral top down around your the body will feel like cool light soft energy swirls around You soothe you cooling the you frosting
  • 07:12: everything that is not burned a flame frosting and cold cauterizing all that prevents you let the cold freezes completely will disappear and dissolved Your distrust your life Statement uncertainty your helplessness melancholy let anxiety
  • 07:43: This will leave the cold cooling the your thoughts filling you with clarity creative sense by force past experience the like cold streams Safe for you and fire flows cleaning sultry simultaneously
  • 08:14: move around you creating some cocoon feel and see as the cold streams and heat twisting around you forms amazing patterns amazing beauty and wonderful the power to heal and freeing your energy space You see you now! You are in this cocoon in a safe
  • 08:44: space your space increase your changes in this space you forget about everything his fears on their air realizing that the locks life from now on for you and from now on you trust life process on all planes feel like this cocoon you spreads its Feel wings
  • 09:14: that is security that are you today This protective cocoon You can relax and can be yourself now easily and Glad you're meet every day his new life Spread your wings feel like you become breathe easier heart beats calmer and you You feel that
  • 09:45: frontaxle you only light only joy only love this understanding of this feeling you begin to notice as a wall cocoon that do not move mixing up but only harmony being and flows heat coming from the center of the earth and flows coming from cold center of the universe
  • 10:15: around you this protective cocoon which you can be a fully trusting the universe and higher powers It is becoming thinner and gradually it becomes invisible for normal eyes and even for you but you feel that he there is this cocoon protective cocoon around you have the right and needed it
  • 10:47: you size with this moments will present in each time you inhale and All your exhalation and let this feeling It will allow you to live let this feeling you always You are under protection will allow you to to live the life of a you dreamed of overflow of
  • 11:17: life new joyful emotions and let feelings past and faithfully oblivion and let all wounds that are today we allow healed you ascend to the a new life in the life of that you all OK take a deep Feel like a breath
  • 11:47: protective cocoon protecting you here and now there exhale feeling he was not even seeing you know that he around you keep breathe tune out that with each exhalation you free yourself of that energy which has left energy past and more
  • 12:18: unnecessary if you feel that you it is necessary to breathe through mouth to get rid full of all let this cargo so if you will feel that you We need to stretch We need to catch body to free your body of destructive the energy of the past and your negative experience so be it if you feel that you just stay in this moment to feel
  • 12:49: and realize it totally and sit eyes closed or maybe even go so be it listen to currently follow your inner voice Trust yourself and be happy when you're ready return time here and now with the new understanding of the new vision of life open your eyes and smiling 3
  • 13:20: a new life in fully prepared to full transparency and with joy on bridges