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  • 00:00: [music] all huge hello in this issue we We are preparing a cake tiramisu and that outside his mind and the taste is very It reminds us all famous dessert First we are prepared by conventional classic biscuit to this profound bowl break eggs first minute half interrupting eggs just mixer without sugar and then gradually begin
  • 00:30: Add the sugar and has whisk to such beautiful white foam stringy somewhere minutes 78 [music] we whipped eggs they white-rose in the volume of the mass was Here is such a malleable and on the surface
  • 01:01: appeared characteristic bubbles air mixer is set aside while they themselves quietly begins to interfere flour movements up and down gently interfere flour so biscuit dough is now ready prepare form Baking I Form 22 centimeters in I did diameter obscure parchment paper and with a little bit
  • 01:32: grease with butter pour oil here our dough [music] We put in a preheated
  • 02:02: oven to 160 degrees 30-35 minutes gat our cake from oven here is such a beautiful we I turned and now removed from the mold at just in case holding a knife to rim open form and itself biscuit passed on to grill and leave cool down In the meantime cools our biscuit we do
  • 02:32: cream of the cake and first of all we to whip cream cream should be well chilled start beating on high speed add sugar powder and whisk until Persistent first peaks neatly to mix Powder is not shattered all over the kitchen and then include a mixer cream we were whipped and
  • 03:08: Now interrupting we have a little cardboard We do it first in separate some bowls [applause] but now connect cream and mascarpone well together
  • 03:41: mix up uniform state but not much long our cream is ready until that is removed, it aside biscuit cut into 2 equal parts can be made first here such here cuts in a circle and then a little bit go deep into the well well, almost exactly, and Now biscuit impregnate prepared before Coffee coffee I had with sugar and the same
  • 04:11: way impregnate second half biscuit Now in any order to apply the cream [music] on top of the cream bottom cake rub on a coarse grated chocolate cover with its second Korzh and top Apply the remaining
  • 04:41: cream [music] I do it on video just such droplets [music] and remaining cream a little grease tank from the top of the cake sprinkle with cocoa
  • 05:13: [music] Cocoa can also a little grease and sides Well, in general, that cake our ready to ship it for a couple hours fridge brew Now, let's look at this cake sectional Here is such a
  • 05:46: he's a handsome man turned now let try a piece it seductive cake though he told me I have not yet permeated but I had already decided to remove this video [music] to be honest, I surprised because to the taste it just one to one with dessert tiramisu pronounced this
  • 06:17: coffee cream the taste is very soft just gentle melting mouth of his the structure of this cake but it is the same desserts but without raw eggs and without cookies if you afraid to use raw eggs or you can get cookies savoiardi and his sometimes hard to buy with pleasure cook this cake because it virtually the same thing I I liked this cake
  • 06:47: he simply and quickly preparing It has such a beautiful spectacular appearance it is always beneficial to put on festive table it is very tasty so interesting uniquely try again at home it is very delicious and beautiful to This all thanks you for your attention and how always waiting in the new Video bye bye