Setochka the Tunisian knitting of Tunisian crochet pattern the Pattern 14 - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Tunisian pattern direct and columns reverse sc today we learn in what cases are used reverse sc first provyazyvaem chain of the air loops miss one air loop next st vdevaem hook and We take out the loop then do the opposite sc on the hook miss one
  • 00:30: air loop and to dress hook and pull out loop and so knit up end of the series reverse sc skip the loop and We take out of next loop Reverse thread series close as usual first provyazyvaem one air loop and then all the loops close two loops together
  • 01:00: to the end of the series next row first provyazyvaem simple Tunisian column do reverse sc skip one loop and the following provyazyvaem again simple Tunisian column, and so will we knit to end of row if we knit
  • 01:32: direct nakida here so then provyazyvali simple Tunisian column is we have nothing It happened so must be in such situations have to do reverse sc we close the loop as the number of back vah usually the first loop closes
  • 02:02: air loop and further along the two loops together until the end of the series I knit this series through and seen that it turns mesh all other rows will provyazyvatsya just as well here this pattern will it is a delicate mesh invite visit
  • 02:34: directory where you You find all symbols and lessons of Tunisian crochet as well as if you had useful lesson put the huskies and I will glad your comments