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How to sew a summer top from jersey without pattern the T-shirt the hands Modelling part 1  See details »

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  • 00:00: edge without drawing today our topic before us is such a Well, that's to say T-shirt she bought in Paris but here interesting to see single cut here Chick with this sleeve hand here is a centimeters can be 12 from the shoulder and on this side, and see here such Here the wing leaving in the Bucs in the thigh and another three folds here you see here one-two-three folds all disclosed
  • 00:31: and is such a very interesting T-shirt Well and I bought myself this T-shirt in paris but brought natural and now they want the same T-shirt I give you a lot material without drawing It gave no time hal He gave the smell He gave a T-shirt giving in general as a basis build without drawing I actually I am a fan of precise cut and it is not It means that everything is now will be cut Now it without shouting at who has a base base 10 or yardsticks some other please take out the back which
  • 01:01: It will be equal to the width that is, move on side seam is exactly in the middle of the base foundations and the grid will please build from the back built dealt model long line and then to construct and front part again want tell us here interesting here Of course asymmetry prices will lay wing arm So he single cut sleeve width at the bottom we have with you 22 centimeter
  • 01:36: and here we have with you see from this winglet and 3 tucks this drape over side very well adds tummy we need to know chest circumference 112 1 28 April circumference waist 98 1 4 2 4 5 that circle the hips January 16 April 29 back width 21 This naturally January 2
  • 02:06: the width and length of the back back 42 Length of Center back 65 Now with all these world we are starting points to work as we have products Asymmetrical we We must build the pattern will be War's laid double our thorn and put to the fold Me and begin to work with the world of glasses 4 centimeters from
  • 02:40: paper base We put it simply as I am here for on the shoulder us to build depth our germ and take 11 cm width why 11 because if we take it 78 It will be exactly in the neck. a we need a little bit open 411 drew our sprout more back length 42
  • 03:11: and half 21 Now this is where it's at 42 We waistline [music] here is whether we
  • 03:41: Now draw a line Well hips centimeters and so that's 17 from the top around here and so I I took the height of people in average and whether distance among a standing waist from 17 to 21 centimeter and in all literature in all books from the Soviet Union all these written find someone high growth course
  • 04:13: take eighteen nineteen twenty but then average growth in our people why addressed this line that was where postpone girth thighs we will be the edge of the knitwear therefore freedom encirclement zero just mark and lay our all hip thighs 29 January 4 chest
  • 04:48: 1 4 28 1 4 waist circumference 245 [music] but since we do not have much she The fitted we are better just like that quietly go around Now see our seamless product to leading into the back on back Now show what it will look But our hip size
  • 05:19: Here is our size waist is not 2 but this 1 and this is our chest girth then what happens it turns out that we it turns out here such here very, very, very, very, very but such foolish laziness and see that but it turns out disgrace and I would be on the center back centimeter and a half to I am taken away like this the line would be built and here would be easy I would be spared this point course of our
  • 05:51: blouse with what we take the example of it baggy enough then it's back looks and so baggy and figure but to us Still plates and we can not draw this point turns very much so concave Aria is unnatural we are a little bit like this sleep on freely go around it is here our side seam and the back and in the center of the center back we take here then a centimeter half you see both will figure sit our blouse behind although our products
  • 06:21: without seam on the back, we why do with a seam also individually chic and still walk with a bag on the back so we go in the finished things enough for to go here with just such a baggy is back ok but we we do and Tuck's such here do not because this jersey they are not here need nothing else It is how to do seam in the middle of the back see if the viewed from the back the right side we have
  • 06:52: left here is a sleeve wherein the wing from I start shoulder absolutely flat line and that party have a small bevel brachial But if you take the pattern front facing you, behold on this side we have wing on this side sleeve and I'm here writing Wing here and here sleeve note note that I started do our the pattern
  • 07:22: Now on tracing paper I will explain why right now all translate to a second side, and that's our Plans we just need to build our shoulder and our our wing and up our sleeve to begin Sleeves of this point Top Golovin
  • 07:54: We are doing so a small bevel Be closely width back 21 I forgot from back center prime and field 21 and put off We hold our line as if the line width back here this measurement is equal to the width of the back I am writing width in the back and the other side of this line I have need to be also rendered here sleeve
  • 08:28: pay attention to our eyes on the sleeve of I painted shoulder bevel laziness width back 16 centimeters have Sleeve length but take 17 here and so Sleeve width we have 22 [music] our wing arm that is our
  • 08:58: Here's the wing arm line already we do not need they are already working Lady's side seam waist line here side seam, and this is our see the wing arm Our Manechka from center back is our wing arm still cutting and second doses that taken in the middle back and always write on balanced things
  • 09:29: 900 g the wrong side of the person's face Now look at us We need to draw our wing at the actually that's the distance from the by the end of the germ the founding of shoulder seam to end we still Twenty-seven with half centimeters here exactly the same with us
  • 10:00: length 27 spolovinoy but now she is in us goes smoothly Is no way to part of the country no I think that is very near Many such blouse We now obtain look at the middle between the waist in trouble that we here turned 17 centimeters to something somewhere about
  • 10:30: the middle of nothing for a long time not thinking that's the point beautifully combine Our pattern is ready [music] Now we have built wing from the base smooth neck line it is here here shoulder line but only that of bevel and it is such a
  • 11:00: exactly that she It subsided and gave to the the coattails over his shoulder and here we are here and so it united midpoint between further hip now, I will engrave the pattern seventh cervical vertebra length back
  • 11:30: back width girth cheat one quarter one part of the breast the fourth part of the waist means the part where all painted fishnet dealt with hose with one hand The sides of one wing What is the difference the front part of the back it differs Only in the balance frontaxle centimeters half we balance height differs Well and also here here different height and as we have it
  • 12:00: flat-flat exactly 2 Series will go and when we are now cut out the front of the exact of this pattern in define where the person we will do a cutout neck Now I would dare
  • 12:32: You see two absolutely the same parts They differ only in that little shelf up here on I added the balance nothing else and still here on this part of the carve deeper
  • 13:02: necks Us You need both side detail here this seam, I'll post it and so I note little waistline considering that we have a you in the middle of the back seam we are cut it Here we have two parts
  • 13:33: face face all signed We make the seam on the back of center back [music] is ready patterns
  • 14:08: we remove them left to write on this part where are we face if we put a face to face then we have this is now check the person or the reverse side from the inside that pattern folded, or face with a ring on the example I I wrote where the person here These have all been
  • 14:38: signed back rest two parts look well 10-12 centimeters here so that's about depth of the well, so as not to it was like that neck itself Summer food slightly and here our bike handle
  • 15:09: might be ready there is it there are three Now fold it absolutely we Here is ready to hand under under the wing of the side seam Here waistline all volumes of all matches neck cut left to do three folds for this We cut our wing on the side seam here and so little above the waist line here look centimeters 8 I have here more than 7 matter first
  • 15:39: we fold It is about to waist line we a little bit so here up cut and open to 5-6 centimeters here almost to the end is not dorezali but also here was able to open 5-6 centimeters We are opening our first tab to us it then lay here this. connect the pattern during sewing with this one. and will result in the crease all folds
  • 16:09: but my faith laid as 6 centimeters see you glued scotch well for and it shall stand side
  • 16:39: we did not stick with all our patterns and fabrics we We turn over of countries also glue here it is already stuck our crease Now on turn over and we stick to the most scotch still scott that pattern was Such working like this Look all times Nothing will happen stuck on our except for the top where you have the following by weight but not Try here strictly
  • 17:09: Are there parallel Here is a little higher there's a little bit here This time leave right to the end and open again at 6 centimeters but Naturally this god The following is not cut through here down 1 from central folds 4 cm place in a third tab her husband is now open and then will close and received wrinkles we pay fine
  • 17:39: note that this is the wings cut just above the folds to black We whole right the left side of the backrest You see how they have asymmetry inherent All we poryadochku you have passed inside out afresh add up the shelf it is exactly the same but opened paws so Down here you can see yes Now this part is already gone down after these laying here Now folds we cut uncovered side of dreams
  • 18:10: Snow seam matches if you did correct you then there will be differences It seams that they do not match you still want blouse from Paris some fasonchik so we share the that we have been pleased to you show all It was good with you we Paukštė Irina M. If you Alexey