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Lie about Stalin repressions. As Stalin dealt shortly with revolutionaries - YouTube

Lie about Stalin repressions. As Stalin dealt shortly with revolutionaries - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: influential party literary activity berzin which in particular 1923 25 years actively sought to educate in the Bolshevik spirit the most Sergei Yesenin angrily spoke in thirty eighth year at one time in civil war I was at the front and fought no worse others but now me to fight for nothing existing regime i I will not fight in government people with Russian surnames
  • 00:30: typical slogan now we are Russian people all smell it Black Hundreds and Our Purishkevich contemporary 1992 edition revolutionaries which now trembled with fear were themselves heartless executioners in the era revolution and civil war and early 20-ies they suppressed Tambov and Siberian insurrection drowned in the blood of the Crimea and cut the Cossacks The Bolsheviks in
  • 01:01: Ekaterina Prison overcrowded most arrested are shot Ekaterinodar a resident states that from August 1920 to February 21 only in one Ekaterinodar prison was shot about three thousand people meltong red terror in Russia most repressed in thirty-seventh of course not belonged to the Trotskyites as so but so or otherwise they were involved to the fact that Fedotov defined in words
  • 01:32: revolutionary class the international there were these people accustomed to the twenties to create lawlessness and lawlessness destroying thousand-year-old Russian blame civilization Stalin in their murder it's the same as blame Nuremberg tribunal in organization of terror against the Nazi criminals 1 has suffered and set is not people who did not can not come control layer this is the fate of his father Paul Slovenian
  • 02:03: Nicholas ebb tide already you will be drowning famous poet of this they became others were not are regular it is indicative that survivors of the turn of the 1020's years master losev 1930 not undergoing new aggression father discharge repressed in early thirties years of historians and philologists many of which are c1100 thirtieth and fortieth years have received high
  • 02:33: titles and awards are not it is excluded that in the destinies of these innocent victims the defining role played someone's evil the will is possible that many revolutionaries already aware of the end of his activities and sought to parting to strike foe the fact is that the picture political groups struggling maybe the USSR for power was very complex and looked so as if one dictator cuts its defenseless
  • 03:03: herd cut many was many political strong and bloody groupings in general implanted in the minds version according to which the terror of 1937 year fell upon many hundreds of thousands people was the result the will of one standing at the head of a person interfere with understanding took place in country operated and multidirectional aspirations and of course meaningless unsystematic avalanche terror has uncontrolled chain
  • 03:33: reaction of repression and no doubt died many people do not related to that layer became then the object terror or even in entities opposing this revolutionary layer could not but and the fact that in 1937 in the country looking for the atmosphere reigned revolution and civil war in camps fell and enemies and supporters stalin talk about full power steel is not yet it seemed possible in 1937 The target was those who
  • 04:04: had some kind of political or at least ideological authorities first of all members of the Russian Federation Wadim in his book a riddle thirty-seventh clearly shows that to March 39 the party does not counted in their ranks one million two hundred and twenty thousands of members and candidates from its composition January 34 and this figure fixing y in the composition of the
  • 04:34: number of repressed political in 1937 thirty-eighth one million three hundred and forty four thousands of the very proximity of two quantitative indicators can not not be taken into account when address the issue of object of terror 37 38 years and based on this is appropriate talk about the then party tragedy but not but the tragedy of the people in fact that destruction communist party
  • 05:04: unlawfully seized in seventeenth year power in russia and who destroyed dozens millions of people there is an opinion unprecedented number of victims repressions of thirty the seventh year supporters of this point view persistently notice a massive destroying the best Russian people in the 20's early 30-ies however, when the victim becomes the executioner on whose hands the blood millions of innocent Russian people indignation modern liberals have no limits
  • 05:34: back in September 1918 Zinoviev declared we should be carried away by 90 million of one hundred inhabiting the Soviet russia with the rest you can not say them must be destroyed zinoviev and carry on destroyed for the next four I also became about 20 or even 30 million at that time as in 1937 there are still 130 to 680 2000 people were
  • 06:06: limiting mumps victims counter-revolution thirties not comparable with this stream of dates evolution of civil War Years 1904 1930 died in about 30 times fewer people than 1918 1922 the population russia was reduced to incomplete 137 million man of them four and a half million
  • 06:36: was disabled war was destroyed over a quarter national wealth of the city people were depopulated petrograd decreased from two million to 700 thousand human walked intensely process declassed the proletariat vchk ogpu in the fight against corruption in years new economic politicians why
  • 07:09: [applause] national capital exported honest people do not copy huge money too drove
  • 07:40: female 200 million a person is difficult
  • 08:42: to measure with the eye range of retreat the alphabet of communism declared Lebanese the bend is blunt and hard prejudices are few cultural philistinism we are under the name of a new morality of yesterday class enemies successfully assimilated Soviet society concern for authority leading policy change in on religion now storming the heavens as family assault suspended for relation to religion
  • 09:12: is established gradually mode ironic neutrality but this only the first stage Trotsky devotee revolution of change touched on the Soviet army in September 1935 were returned canceled in seventeenth year rank of lieutenant captain major colonel Cossack parts returned Cossack insignia that's what he writes about it even more
  • 09:42: deafening blow inflicted on principles October revolution by decree of September 22, 35 restoring officer corps in all his bourgeois the magnificence of the Trotsky committed revolution meekly defined turn committed in mid-30's as counter-revolution which besides other natural led to the destruction a mass of revolutionary actors can the question of
  • 10:12: his own to the point of absurdity the country is going control changes in meanwhile repressed qualifies it how to control cyber the thinker of that the era of St. George Fedotov emigrated from cheese Fall of twenty-five wrote about this the next is real counter-revolution carried out from above in Russia is not arrests stop links or even shootings members of communist party evidence Trotskyism
  • 10:42: ordinary shits white thread peering at them we see that under Trotskyism is understood generally revolutionary class or inter National socialism is fate and sins of sverdlov and Trotsky being people do not trunk street organized puppet pro-American mode based on suppression of everything national Stalin destroying this mode automatically revived the Russian public direction in many spheres of life in the Soviet Union and
  • 11:13: that sverdlov and Trotsky were people the trunk of the street is in doubt do not have to be a Broadway 120 it was 35 storey skyscraper erected in 1915 Upstairs elite bank club where Morganshiv met baruch marshal loip gubin game and here on the Broadway 120 was bank office binjamin sverdlov brother of yakov Sverdlov Valery
  • 11:43: Shambaras invasion foreign conspiracy against Iberian leaders Stalin camp being revolutionaries knew very well that in New York Trotsky worked in the newspaper a new world with Volodarsky Uritsky Chudnovsky Bukharin and the column and that the publishing house it was in skyscraper at Broadway 120 in the same place located bank club where Morgan boss was going to Baruch Loic Gubin game heads of l-street
  • 12:14: and creators federal of the US backup system right there on Broadway 120 there was a Sydney office Reilly whether authorized and Trotsky's uncles abram of the stomach and at the same time the agent British Intelligence among other things Broadway 120 was and Jacob's brother's office bright banker binyama light [music] 1899 in the Tiflis seminar on the last
  • 12:44: course to the last exams were prepared Joseph Dzhugashvili according to the legend He was an old man and called to himself the authorities let go Joseph in the seminary is not return to this was an old man Archimandrite of the year he did not told his sifu looking the kingdom of the beast on Russia Jews will destroy russian world
  • 13:16: will you be destroy them go Iran blessed sifa icon performer smart shrines monastery not by chance on the new Afon was the southern cottage to the Jerusalem monastery enemies Orthodoxy galeev legend
  • 13:47: says that in deep mysterious dungeons under the main peasant cathedral Stalin accepted participation in the general prayer they are silent secret Orthodox organ black hesychasts prayed all night after which Stalin promised swearingly bilberry that he himself remains in soul of the Orthodox remembers remembering God and when to destroy
  • 14:18: all sides overlaid Masonic behind the scenes, we will not accept will return all rights Orthodox Church and bicycle paths will return while he did not have anything can do because that too little Russian below yes damn around him and yet on whom to lean the sowab will end resulting in holy Russia
  • 14:48: Jewish Satanism want to become like you perceive a personality as likes and spit hand first of all say that one is very clever person and about what the role of life sets Russophobic text on all Russian people one of the most picker minutes i will he brought here whole landing and freemasons squeeze the house
  • 15:18: sleep will be 80 all of this around dry gradually feel your country from behind strong faithful Leninists which clear Augean stables with help by non managed policies tricks in the end of the thirties The fight will not understand you again defeated but then calmed down sakura head 10 kg with
  • 15:49: flounce over life and here this fucking man of genius all properties of sasovo prompted in silence here to drown message to me money is important strategic comprehension of all what happened and here he finally turned to normal not we dry this here those who his wife was talking about what kind of splash
  • 16:20: the path of eroticism summoned words together and on myself all night it's worth it I already know fully managed on a the end of the war he pride after military years constant decrease prices for sex are finally greatest respect which we are all we are experiencing this I remember a man still one day is a day bad but all the candles it was very important day people were crying a lot of people
  • 16:52: cry together connected it was tears to him we are chair and popular sorrow of the role of the siren sponges sounded automotive and at this moment I'm with a special power realized such a father is countries la2 interfere with those that the gut people who is now tries to slander stalin smear it these ungrateful people constantly uses its fruits
  • 17:23: titanic labor and Today I will make my own scientists did not do Fox the moment we know that only in broth everything is calculated and solution commitment to do same fields it is not easy for a person respect for the army was not yet about what and at once he shed no they are not
  • 18:08: Well he left he was he Well he was