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  • 00:00: all the good day and Have a good mood spring is in the yard May and what we have here the month of May is famous of course for such a long period winter we are all Miss you for warm sun over green grass and us I want to go to nature on kebabs on you barbecue at whom u like so we with bloggers yutube some you know with some you are again get acquainted perhaps decided to create such a small project
  • 00:31: what can I take from nature our joke is possible these recipes useful to you not only in nature but they will be like this me for example very much good for festive table as an appetizer and think that those bloggers who, too prepared some yummy, I also do not I know what they are have prepared I must go look and bring in its culinary
  • 01:01: book to then to come back to him and cook some delicious for their close and dear so I advise you also go see and can get acquainted be friends with these girls who tried to you who prepared some their dishes are possible those that you still never knew never tried all references will be to be in infobox on girls
  • 01:31: please pass do not hesitate to you there are very very happy but I now without a long entry will begin prepare your cooking masterpiece so please We will look at the table try to cook and so i will be today cook carrot roll with cottage cheese and herbs and garlic what do we need for this need carrots
  • 02:01: 400 grams of curd cheese 300 gram in protein but two or one egg greens garlic salt over taste what I now have you called it as if classic recipe but you can add ingredients which you like here for example I still want add here from me processed cheese
  • 02:31: to a carrot well then breaking us need wash carrots and rub on a large grind all ingredients I'll take with half so do not look what size do i have will add another 50 percent and there will be a full volume carrot grated
  • 03:22: now it is needed lightly extinguish some oil and send carrots [music] a little salt We did not have carrots
  • 03:53: just sweet about salty all carrots she became stifled soft and I shift it into big her in the big flat dish to she quickly cooled down [music] and put
  • 04:27: somewhere cool place need in the fridge or on the balcony to someone like convenient and so mean until the carrots and I'm going to cool down cottage cheese stuffing I took a roll in principle a lot of garlic feet [music] then finely chopped
  • 05:04: green but before we will add greens to garlic we need knead cottage cheese if someone has cottage cheese not salty you can add salt and now we add greenery but now we'll do it.
  • 05:45: proteins I think that u I'm the only protein I have it vzobyu easily manually the protein is whipped up now i need combine with carrots I decided to fused Do not use cheese and use plain cheese which
  • 06:15: already rubbed and now we neatly needed mix proteins with carrots then we have this mass lay out on baking tray parchment paper you can smear a little oil and then carefully lay out on a sheet
  • 06:46: our carrots with cheese because you [music] compare Now the pens are washed and all is neat handles and put in the oven
  • 07:16: heated up to 180 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes this way looks like carrot dough from carrots do not even know as we call it now need to cover other parchment shift turn it over and this one to take off and give do not cool down strongly but that he was not very hot i have it shifted
  • 07:54: Russian singers neatly this parchment clean let a little bit cool and continue next is very beautiful It was such a golden brown and with this from that side the charm in general already steering into the warm and you can spread cottage cheese with garlic and greens [music] and now
  • 08:35: neatly turn off roll while he still warm and not up to the end frozen here is such the video turned out the next stage we shifting his food film or if someone has hand does not exist can a simple package cut neatly
  • 09:05: wrap and we remove the refrigerator until the time when you will collect all or lay out on the table or you can immediately take here in this form on picnic and there it is already cut into slices and I I clean in the fridge well, that our roll lay some time in the refrigerator let's see and
  • 09:35: we cut it Here is such a beauty delicacies I got it girls boys believe me a snack excellently like nature and festive table I hope you this dish
  • 10:05: like it dope to this can only add one those who love garlic place less less earth who lives more put more for those who for whom more spicy pungent taste add more garlic for those who loves a more gentle softer taste add a little bit slightly less Well, that's all the snack
  • 10:35: for a picnic for festive you can from here and there I want to apply recall do not forget to look in the infobox and go to visit the girls I will also go to them together with you and I on this is goodbye to you all bye for now see you soon