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  • 00:00: All greetings happened to anyone or yours friends get in a situation from which it would seem impossible to find a way out they surround them right there and then so that there is no need to be always at the ready, as they say, warned means armed Today we present you a video in which will give 7 useful tips that can save your life went that do if you fell through the ice ice a piece of insidious and unpredictable now we'll tell you what to do if you
  • 00:32: fell through under him and found themselves in cold water if it happened you surely will be shocked it means yes you can panic yes it's not easy but try to calm down remember that you have time to save, though A little action is necessary quickly and decisively after falling into the water in you there are only 10 minutes until the muscles are they have one hour until you faint for a start delay breathing and surfaced tilt turn on direction of the shore there is ice thicker and a chance he will sustain you increase place both hands on a sturdy piece of ice
  • 01:03: and start helping yourself to the feet While the body does not take the horizontal position then tighten and lean on the elbows so that with the clothes glass water so you will get rid of excess gravity Continue to pull up and crawl but do not get up ahead of time remember that your weight is distributed evenly and therefore in lying position probability of getting under water again decreases but the most important thing is that the ice is already cracked and therefore one attempt to get out you may not be enough and here the main thing is not stay on the shore and if possible call for help only in
  • 01:34: In this case you can save yourself Life is faster running in a warm Place Wear Dry Clothes Drink Warm tea and do not forget to call an ambulance. even if it seems that you are all in how to get out alive from the server lifts for sure though any of you I wondered if you could stay in If the elevator falls, if it falls from the second floor is likely to be able to as well here if you felt that the elevator started falling from a huge height, this means that time to act
  • 02:05: we tell as absolutely proven method unfortunately not There are but a few theories which can reduce the number of your fractures and bruises when falling on The bottom of the mine is for example bending the legs in knees or bounce in the moment collision Well, now we will talk about the very the real one of them is hard to believe but The most effective way to lie on your back the blow is distributed all over the body evenly that should save you from fatal injuries in the first place it is necessary to try protect your head for this put one hand under his head for a March strike tion and Put another hand on your face to
  • 02:36: to avoid getting debris on it will you stay or not using This method can not be exactly stated, but it is possible no doubt one will be very it hurts how to get out alive from the sinking imagine you are driving quietly along the and suddenly, suddenly, the role Another machine has trapped you or you turned off the road to avoid an accident it does not matter in the end the car is with you was water without panic, even from such a there is a way out as soon as the machine touched the water immediately unfasten the belt and
  • 03:07: open the window immediately the car did not drown on this action is about a minute so do not waste it time to try to open the door to you is it is unlikely to happen because water outside presses on them if you open window in the usual way fails its should not be broken in any way try to break the windshield it much thicker only time will lose as no matter what you try there is a likelihood of getting out using windows you do not succeed but there is still another option to wait While the car's interior is filled with water then the pressure inside the cabin and outside
  • 03:37: it will be exactly at that moment that you you can open the door and get out now you can surf and wait for lifeguards How to recognize a heart attack and in this part of the video we directly touch health you know how to recognize a heart attack in humans no, we think that you need to by all means because of such knowledge once you can save a life for yourself or to another person there are several special exercises in order to really determine Have you had an attack before your eyes and
  • 04:07: so to begin with, ask a person smile if you see that this Do not get it or get it. somehow it is not so worth drawing on this attention then ask him to stick it out language To sound an alarm it is necessary to begin in that case if you see that the language is unnatural bent try to ask the person how is it plant even if such a simple question is answered you will literally pull and notice the inhibited speech, then it is clearly something is wrong well and at last ask for your to raise one's hands if it does not work out clearly here there is a problem
  • 04:38: when at least one of the described actions immediately call an ambulance and remember you only have three hours to save a person so hurry up Breakdown currents never were interested in how you can drown at the very shore of the sea this will seem impossible especially if you are good swim but there is one catch under the name of the leakage currents it needs beware of how to get out if all the same got there let's understand The insidiousness of this phenomenon lies in the that it is not always possible to notice it
  • 05:09: it is not like a whirlpool not on funnel so that without suspecting can easily cater to prolong without a major panic do not try not to fight or pay again to shore the current is still stronger here all much easier You just need to try to swim in parallel then you are saved by the shore to avoid such try to consider such a flow even before you enter the water if you noticed a foaming wave and patch water shade of which differs from main thing is she be careful what
  • 05:39: Do if a person chokes if a person coughs for a long time, this is often begins to strain agree but do not rush to get angry maybe someone choked and calls you on it's just that he does not get help very good if it's a child plan action is you need to pat him five times on your back and then five times you need a bit on your chest it turned out all over again to those while the foreign body does not come out if an adult was choked, the plan help a little bit at first also
  • 06:09: slam a person five times on the back only already stronger and then sharply five once we give him on the stomach standing behind If it is not easier to repeat everything anew how to behave in a thunderstorm thunderstorm is of course the phenomenon is very beautiful but at the same time Are dangerous when lightning strikes a person the chance to survive is extremely small so risking once again it is not necessary if you are at home or in some building Try not to touch electrical appliances and the current conductor that is all metal up a very small chance but if
  • 06:39: they say it's not all the same in the building you have can properly shandarahnu all A little more difficult if thunder and lightning caught you in nature tend to all it is accompanied by rain and our first the desire is to hide somewhere very few people like to wet so remember run under a tree or even just open the umbrella during a thunderstorm this is a very bad idea lightning always beats to the highest point on the terrain and you an umbrella in the middle of the field is just this and find yourself so 10 times think what's best walk wet or get a discharge in several tens of millions of volts so that reconcile with water procedures and
  • 07:10: try to find a depression or canoe naturally lie in jets no one wants but we remind that unlike electricity a little more water yet nobody killed in this video we tried to give you detailed instructions on how to behave in some Extreme situations are better of course in they do not fall but if something is still there happened this knowledge will help really save someone's life Funny gadgets and technology of the future surprising inventions and other steep chips associated with equipment on channel of those zones subscribe
  • 07:41: You will not regret the link on the screen and in description and on this today all my mastering your mood