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  • 00:00: hello my subscribers and guests channel in this video connect the motive to my look pretty still beautiful all I invite you join and get it write at blown his mother from
  • 00:30: sliding loop and now about crocheting 5 loops until next series of 5 air loops 1 2 3 4 5 formed we will knit with a ringlet bricks with two capers the first the series alternates between thoughts
  • 01:00: air hinge 7 bricks with two nakidami need tie for the first row alternate threads I searched with two air loops I tied one two three three pillar and leather two nakidami continue call this row 2
  • 01:31: air loops a column with two you can pull up 1234 before two bars it is necessary to tie for this series 2 air loops
  • 02:05: under the tightening midnight here distribute evenly bunched round you remember them connective loop to complete this series trending three in the third loop started the chain which avizor I happened so many
  • 02:39: we will be tied start next chains of 9 air loops 1 2 3 4 5 the next row will be consist of lush posts
  • 03:09: we will knit next handle 5 unfinished posts and then I sew together 5 bricks with two nakidami it will turn out boulder The third will not of the finished column 4 because now everything is
  • 03:45: loops from the hook it is necessary to tie at once further knits chain of 5 air loops 1 2 3 4 5 and in the next batch knit again the same bold
  • 04:15: began again unfinished a column with two nakidami then all loops . I will bind simultaneously another magnificent
  • 04:48: The column is ready and again keeps the chain of 5 air loops and the whole series is repeated this is the rule watch again 1 column with two nakidami not finished 3 4 and 5
  • 05:22: these loops with a lid right to bring 5 air loops and 2 4 5 and that's just all the row to the end only in late in A friend here is not tie here's a look at a number of I'm almost ready and
  • 05:52: now I will be his crown up a column of four unfinished a column with two накидами 1 column 2 3 4 tied everything up loops from the hook in
  • 06:22: simultaneously and I will join the initial chain connective eyelet Sep 2 3 4 I connect the fourth loop connective loop and read this ready to go further to tie more
  • 06:58: Loop connectors already in this chain to go slightly side on loop 2 and on a chain of 7 air loops attachable
  • 07:30: without a crochet but they live and the chain of 8 air loops 2 346 also covered a column without a crochet and this series will be consist of chains
  • 08:01: you from the air loops 6 air loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 again the column without накида 3 4 5 6 column sc without a column without a crochet now
  • 08:33: chain of 8 air Loops 1 2 3 4 chains on from reduction will be in corners of this motif 2 3 4 5 6 he will square this one
  • 09:03: anti- motive 3 4 5 6 column without накида 3 6 1 more column without a crochet chain of 8 air
  • 09:34: loops 5 6 7 8 here without cape the same way it is necessary to tie the whole series and at the end of this series
  • 10:09: we also bind connective loop go to next series of chain should tie up 2 connecting loops to move about
  • 10:39: another place we will not knit angular corner which we will have Sep. bells with two capers anti 3
  • 11:13: 4 6th 7th further we knit 4 air loops one two three four and
  • 11:44: here is also such a moment that of light connected thread loop to study in the form of a peak the girl is so and continue in the same knit another 7 bricks with two capers and
  • 12:28: 4 56 Sep. we tied the line too, all this is distributed as follows everything was beautiful
  • 13:00: and we knit a column without the next fix it like this beautifully obtained corners will be and We knit a chain of 6 air loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 column without cake 1
  • 13:31: 2 3 4 5 6 column without nakida and the next archku which us was formed from chains of 8 air loops but there will also be a corner we unearth 7 columns with 2 nakidami
  • 14:02: 2 and 4 67 four air
  • 14:37: loops one two three four and connecting loop continue in the same knit another 7 columns of the sum накида 3 4 67
  • 15:25: you can see already half the motive bridge join without a crochet and continue 6 air loops 3 4 5
  • 15:56: 6 column without crochet 6 air loops 2 3 4 5 6 column without crochet and a bunch of 7 bars air loops and
  • 16:26: yet gorochko in one sim to the have turned out the next corner so will we knit this row and it remains to drive through only connective loop to complete this wonderful motif this turned out to be all
  • 16:56: thanks for attention and before new meetings on our channel