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Borde en crochet para la mantita de bebé. Parte 1  See details »

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  • 00:00: and now I will do I made the lace are you here It is the template let's do this and points He needed to turn Key Let's see if we got here it we ended up with half a century for
  • 00:37: left the straight line and start doing it along with this thread of water then I'll come up with 323 good and I to make a stop here at this point I have two wool
  • 01:07: I have 2 Aug Daisy Chain two here again to be 22 in the first round chainstitch two in the circle again
  • 01:40: 2 and at the junction of the two circle 2 again circle
  • 02:10: villa
  • 03:07: I get to this point then you go to seeing then I did here do not I have said is the second I did though is 2 2 and 2 and put the
  • 03:40: two points here we will do together do not 22 points 2 and I go with two more points to the union
  • 04:15: here all the circle again And so it went ok like this not show only and do not have to make it complete what I'll do is
  • 04:46: continue to do so as if it were a be complete paying for it and we will moor here and I'll take this tip here as
  • 05:17: if I had finished I went to start working up here Suppose I finish here what They made closed here and I finished the first round I'm really about to say It was seized and then was with 3.23
  • 06:02: I make a point and then worked in the center at this point high PtP I do high point eta
  • 06:36: goal Mehta the next step goal this ccoo
  • 07:06: and so on up again to bank that I want to show good how they have to do to make me want the same way I did I I have
  • 08:20: Agapito only three high point a chain point at in the same space one point chainstitch Daisy Chain high high point in this space chainstitch high point chainstitch and so it continues and will reach the corner then here I did I wanted 1 2 3 4
  • 08:51: 1 2 3 and leaving a deformed chainstitch that a chain is a small chain in this who is four point next come on
  • 09:22: we are 12 you hear four Meta4 again and as a tool 234 I turned around and continued here again
  • 10:06: a chain pointed high for film as Total same space chainstitch high point wale all okay
  • 10:37: here it is completed the second round I'll do the same thing did above to become the third return