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How to sew. Two keyp-ponchos, easily and quickly.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello this Nelia mazgarova and my channel for those who loves fashion and loves sew the front on the 8th in March and just right prepare gifts for our favorite moms daughters and sisters and Today I'll show you not planned master class in Kate Embroidery poncho especially on the result last the voting element of the wardrobe I took one of leading position and so in this
  • 00:30: master class I will I show you how to sew two kind of cape they have finished their very light in sewing do not require additional measures and their production will take you at least of expenses the more the element of the wardrobe It will be the way for any figure and those who He wants to own design clothes any difficulty can pass my full course of design and clothing modeling the following link shown on the screen or a look at the video first turns
  • 01:00: poncho with decorative its chains Pattern is two range you need meter forty material I used fleece if you want to Keith served as the finish you can coat cashmere take effect It will be even steeper draw a circle of two outer radius 70 centimeters inside it to be will cut 6 half a centimeter and it took me 6 decorative meters chain after you are cutting these
  • 01:31: two laps you need for perimeter note where will and placed our decorative chain further manually sew on decorations the perimeter of the type ponchos to we could put his head over neck we need make a small incision size 8-10 centimeters and to our cut not disagreed sew buckle and our Kate second ready poncho option cape poncho collar and fringe here we need
  • 02:02: meter sixty material cry It consists of a take wrestlers and squares a square meter Forty to forty-meter is our main item in the squared need draw the cut in the center of the circle with a radius of nine and half centimeters of four sides Make slits in the the region 35 40 centimeters from each another rectangle with sides 60 to 20 this will be our collar and of residues the material is two
  • 02:32: wide strips 10 centimeters and a length 80 centimeters is there will be two parts our belts and so we add up the details collar half slaughtered by the slice grind on overlock or on a typewriter shock press out one side again fold in half and pin up on neck in circular our main details [music] pritachivaem on
  • 03:25: overlock or machine to collar product after necessarily the seam ironing grind two Details Belt together topstitch them better on each other and the finishing touch on bottom of our cape poncho make fringe and similarly done on ends our belts and our products so it was ready master class in making the two options
  • 03:55: Kate donut those who was useful to my workshop set Like and subscribe per channel those who want to go My full course You can pass on references are listed on screen or by video well, you were Nelia mazgarova until we meet again and upcoming holidays