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Cake without quick pastries A la "Тирамису"  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello today cook cake tiramisu without baking preparing dessert quickly and easily the main problem allow time for cake the present and soak refrigerators prepare us need following ingredients Nutrition recipe you will also You can look in description below the video prepare to start We pour the cream in a bowl 1 cup of sugar break one egg whisk mixer sugar with egg [music]
  • 00:32: add one tablespoon of flour half of the dining room spoon potato starch and all is well mix [music] add warm milk [music] all mix mixer not to lumps pour in a saucepan and put on
  • 01:00: fire cook stirring on low heat until the consistency of thick sour cream [music] the resulting mass cooling the pour into a bowl add butter oil and whisk mixer until education stable peaks
  • 01:30: [music] cream ready Now start form cake cookies take prolonged Loose fragile then cake be gentle decompose cookies rectangular and lubricates cream We continue to do so until you get five layers lubricates yet cakes
  • 02:01: [music] sprinkle top of cake cocoa through abundantly strainer or can sprinkle with grated send chocolate refrigerate at least 3 hours but if up to morning it will generally be wonderful cake it turns completely uniform myagenko Cookies are not teeth and let no one at all will suspect something cake Cookies subscribe to our write channel comments have you You will find many delicious
  • 02:30: recipes and useful Tips for home I wish you a pleasant and good appetite moods [music]