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How to spin belts from plastic bottles (the 3rd part)

How to spin belts from plastic bottles (the 3rd part)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello Now show how even way you can start and weave finish belts if your belt sewn into the bag backpack and the like the previously you showed how and how to start weave finish Belts with rings and needles and then begins graduating workpiece so doing reinforcing longitudinal
  • 00:30: blank small the blanks of the tapes nine and a half to 45 millimeters and swathes of pieces of adhesive tape after the test pile you can safely ease this bondage if the end Whether I will Now hidden for gain longitudinal blanks for needles need to do small blank 6 of the tapes 50 millimeters and no longer need
  • 01:03: wrap the the blank tape there if you want to belt end look carefully you worth seeing the first part of the video how to weave plastic bottles belts but if your belt ends sewed it is possible to hide save time for example forgery Woven small using belt new pieces will
  • 01:34: spin on this drawing me need blank from strip dimensions on preform crossmember 9 30 x 240 mm pieces on the longitudinal preform with nine half to ninety eight 93 mm pieces and blanks gains 6 50 millimeters 6 pieces need to needle immediately put blank
  • 02:05: and then weave belt look carefully pause and replays if something unclear [music] a [music] [applause]
  • 02:46: [music] [applause] a a [music] [applause] [music] a
  • 03:33: [applause] [music] [applause] [music] [applause] Now quickly to
  • 04:05: plate strap and more show how carefully his finishing [music] transverse workpiece to do with the longitudinal reinforced preform and gave her to beg Belt end with strengthened blanks [music] end transverse
  • 05:07: blank lock wire [music] Now this I
  • 06:03: turned but so it looks in bright light under load thinner transverse workpiece the more flexible belt and more clearance between the longitudinal billets in length If you have ask them questions under the video if you liked videos put the huskies subscribe to my
  • 06:34: channel this with you I wish you all goodbye success good luck [music]