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BUTYLKOREZ (marching) No. 2, for cutting of tapes (rope) from plastic bottles

BUTYLKOREZ (marching) No. 2, for cutting of tapes (rope) from plastic bottles  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello Now will show its new marching on his cutter manufacturing took pipe slice bar a piece stationery knife and three-piece screw pipe glue adhesive Melt with slope of 5 degrees at last cutter -propyl was made by move the bar fibers
  • 00:30: and in that the cutter propyl made right across the fiber bar the cutter for a long time will be shaken cutter also made hiking on fishing instead of the pin into the pipe You can insert any suitable as a stick and the first in marching role cutter pin plays holder fishing rod holder stuck in the ground at
  • 01:01: it is worn cutter and then abruptly bottle from the cutter has two long kerf with a slight slope to tighten the belt enclose so do not need to press a bottle cutting place for pressed here and many can be put a piece of wide stationery knife and at the bottom if desired the cutter can be a couple of cuts 1
  • 01:32: propyl I cut 6 February 4 millimeters and millimeter Venda This small difference prognuv I need to of receipt two millimeter line and trail 2 millimeter scaffold cut bottle complicated and so first cut into 6 bottles mm tape and then out of it, and less than 4 two millimeter
  • 02:02: tape four mm tape going on a rope a two millimeter Donkey goes on if you I liked the idea for two millimeter of line and rope seems narrowish you can make one propyl 7 millimeters and the other 5 millimeters than benefits of the cutter the fact that it is small It does not take up much space made available materials and easy to
  • 02:33: manufacture and because of capabilities put a pin of any suitable and having a long shelf propyl cutter cuts flat fly If you have ask them questions under the video if you liked videos put the huskies subscribe to my channel this with you I wish you all goodbye success
  • 03:04: good luck [music]